My Sunday Photo: Look out! Storm coming.

Mr. GBH has found the perfect perch for keeping an eagle eye on what’s going on here.


I find it absolutely amazing that he can land so precisely on the topmost branch. His elegance, poise, balance and control is so perfect.




What was everybody looking at?

This line of photographers on the boardwalk was focused on something lurking in the water. Whatever could it be?


Ah yes…….nicely spotted. Mr. ‘Gator was quite well camouflaged, but nature pbhotographers have very sharp eyes.


I wonder how he feels about the constant photo shoot that he’s subjected to, every time he sticks his nose out of the water.  He’s quite a celebrity.

Happy weekend to you all.

Iggy celebrates St. Paddy’s Day

Iggy dressed in his best green suit, appeared to be doing an Irish jig in the palm tree outside my bathroom window. Just look at those long toes! I’m really pleased that my window is tightly closed.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you who celebrate.


Feathers On Friday: Looking Back

Have you ever wished that you had ‘eye’s in the back of your head’? I know I have, especially when I was teaching at school. Ms Anhinga has solved the problem by turning her head through180 degrees. A very clever trick indeed.

DSCN5749 copy

Wishing you all a splendid weekend, filled with love, laughter, good food and lots of fun.

Celebrating Woman’s Day in the swamp.

Mr Purple Gallinule accompanies his wife Gail on a ‘Woman’s Day’ walk through the swamp. As you can see, they are both wearing their most colourful outfits for the occasion.


Happy Woman’s Day to all of you who are of the ‘fairer sex’.

Fish on Fry-day

It’s been a while since I reported on our fish community. We’ve had a death in the fishy family, which was most unexpected. Silver Streak, the show-off Koi, a real shining star when it came to doing laps in our pond, was MIA one morning at feeding time.


As the pond is inside our screen-room, there was no possibility that he’d been carried away by one of the many birds in our backyard, so we were thoroughly mistified as to where he’d vanished to. Hubby had a feel under the rock where they go to sleep at night and have siestas in the afternoon, but found nothing. A couple of days passed and then he spotted something glinting in the rockery surrounding the pond. It was the stiff and lifeless body of Silver Streak, who had obviously taken a corner at breakneck speed and flipped himself right out of the water, landing underneath a Bromeliad. His cries for help went unheard, and he’d expired forthwith. Hubby had to throw him in the lake, which, I suppose, is the equivalent of us having a burial at sea.

Blue Flash, the other koi seemed very lonely without his mate, so we bought a new friend for him to race with. I named him Shadow, partly because he’s grey and also because he stuck so close to his mentor for the first few days whilst he got used to his new surroundings. I guess the pond seemed positively palatial after the small tank in the pet shop and even more so after the plastic bag he rode home in.


Five of the six goldfish are doing splendidly and have grown quite fat. Marilyn, with her red lips and blonde head and tail, is especially greedy. She nudges other fish out of the way as she sashays around, making sure she gets more than her fair share of food.


Poor little Freddie, the smallest goldfish isn’t doing too well. He’s not as active as his friends, and spends a lot of time down amongst the plant pots, just dreaming the day away.


When he does appear, he swims sideways, as you can see in my first photo. He doesn’t have much of a tail and his fins are very sparse, so he can’t wiggle his butt and flap his fins like Marilyn and her admirers. He just seems to drift around like a boat without a rudder. Occasionally he makes a supreme effort to right himself in order to get some of the fish flakes before they’re all snaffled up by the others, but as soon as he gets bumped in the fray, he does a nose-dive down to the bottom and it’s a while before he can gather enough strength to get back up again. I feel so sorry for him and wish I could crochet him a set of fins and a long swishy tail, but hubby says that probably wouldn’t work. I keep hoping that one day his fins will grow and he’ll be fat and strong like all the others.


Wishing you all a great and very happy weekend. Tomorrow night we’re going out with friends for Sushi, but please don’t tell that to my fish.