WPC: Yummy Layers

When I saw the new Weekly Photo Challenge, my mind went immediately to one of my favourite desserts, which is made up of yummy chocolate layers. Occasionally I indulge and eat the whole piece myself, but this time I thought it prudent to share it with hubby.


There was however, method in my madness, because I wanted half of his Key Lime Pie. πŸ™‚


If you think there’s something vaguely familiar about this post, it probably means that you have been following the hammock-loving adinparadise.Β 

I do love a challenge, so have decided to branch out with a new blog, as I have a couple of unwelcome followers, and I don’t know of any other way to get rid of them.

To see more layers entries, just click here.

108 comments on “WPC: Yummy Layers

  1. Thanks for letting me know about the new blog Sylvia. I am sorry you have had problems with idiots. Like many other bloggers I also wish we could moderate our followers as I have some very odd ones, but they don’t bother me thank goodness. I have put a few who make weird comments into the spam list, so I no longer get those. But I can’t stop them from *liking* a post. Anyway I hope they don’t follow you here and spoil your lovely paradise.

    Now I am going away to drool over those cakes πŸ˜€
    Jude xx

  2. Yikes! I hate how we cannot moderate our followers! I have followers who or that no longer exist anymore. I don’t care about the numbers. I’d delete them if I want to.
    What about disapproving their comments?

  3. A few unwanted followers you say…
    Glad I’m not one of them πŸ˜‰
    Happy new blog AD – hope the unwanteds don’t follow you here too!!!
    PS – loved the layers!

  4. So this is by personal invitation, Sylvia? I’m honoured πŸ™‚
    There is no way my other half would share his chocolate cake! I’d have to tie him up and gag him. Come to think of it- sounds fun πŸ™‚

  5. spero che in questo nuovo dolcissimo ( !!!!!!!) blog ( la cioccolata Γ¨ la mia passione )avrai intenzione di installare un traslator come ha fatto l’amica Restlessio-Giovanna, cosΓ¬ alla tua maestra d’italiano sarΓ  piΓΉ facile seguirti e tu seguire me
    se ho ben capito questo sarΓ  il tuo blog di lavoro ( visto che te ne stai in piedi, e l’altro, comoda sull’amaca, di riposo he he
    in bocca al lupo ( in italiano questo Γ¨ un augurio di buona fortuna)

    I hope that in this new sweet (!!!!) blogs (chocolate is my passion) you are going to install a traslator how did Restlessio friend-Joanna, so your teacher of Italian will be easier to follow you and you follow me
    If I understand this will be your blog work (since you’re standing, and the other, comfortable hammock, rest he he
    in bocca al lupo (Italian this is a wish of good luck)

  6. As long as you don’t use your whole name anywhere, you should be okay. Otherwise, this blog would show up in any Google search. I love the background!! It’s just perfect for the page and fits seamlessly across the whole page. You can eat the whole chocolate pie and I’ll eat the key lime. If there is a sweet to die for, it has to be key lime. I used to buy a whole huge one from a local restaurant here. They no longer sell it. I really should learn to make one, but that’s pretty much out of the question since I gave up all cooking years ago. My fridge is filled with bird food…

    Thanks for letting me know where you went, Sylvia. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the advice, George. Glad you like my background It’s Lake Titicaca, and those are the Andes in the far distance. It was such a magical day up there on Sun Island. πŸ™‚ You made me laugh about your fridge being full of bird food. πŸ˜€

  7. Sorry to hear you picked up some nasties. I’m so glad you invited me over here! That chocolate cake looks so tempting, but I think I put on pounds just looking at it.

  8. Thanks for bringing me to your new blog, Sylvia. Those layers look delicious, and I’m glad to see there is method in your madness; I’m always plotting how to get tastes of other people’s food. πŸ™‚ Is there a new purpose for your new blog? Or did you just run out of space on your old one?

  9. I love key lime pie – it is one of my favorite parts of paradise. And it is so easy to make. πŸ™‚ So glad I’m not your unwanted visitor. πŸ˜€ New post = nice look.

  10. Well, it’s a terrific theme, Sylvia, but I’m so sorry to hear why you’ve had to branch out! Perfect layers, I must say, but what I immediately thought of was how much my Papa would lurve that slice of chocolate madness – he sure wouldn’t have opted to share my key-lime pie! πŸ™‚

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