In the jungle the mighty jungle

Well, here I am in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica. On Saturday morning, we were up very early for the two and a half hour coach trip through mountains and national parks, from San Jose to the Caribbean coast. When we stopped for breakfast along the way, we paused to say “Hola” to this cute little fellow, the tiny Blue Jeans Poison-Dart frog, so called because it looks like he’s wearing cool denims.


This humongous Sable tree, made me feel very small indeed.


For many miles, the road was lined with banana plantations. Costa Rica exports more than 2 million tons of bananas a year.


There was also an abundance of Papaya trees.


Arriving at the port, we boarded our waiting motor launch which was to take us down the Suerte (Lucky) River to Tortuguero (Land of Turtles) in Limon Province.


On the way, we saw a boat just like ours and full of tourists who were being transferred to a rescue boat. Their boat had apparently hit a log and was sinking, so the skipper had run it into the reeds where the water was shallow, until help arrived.


Another one seemed to be having engine trouble,


and this one was long past redemption.


We stopped along the way to admire this Common Basilisk lizard, also known as the ‘Jesus Christ’ lizard, because of it’s ability to run on water.


The male has a high crest on his head and back. They grow up to two and a half feet long, and can run up to 7 mph.


Arriving at the Evergreen Lodge, we docked here, and were greeted by very friendly and helpful staff.


Our little chalet on stilts was waiting for us,


and our room was bright and welcoming.


Last night I had an ice cold shower, as our primitive bit of plumbing is at the end of the line for the hot water, and others must have used it all up. The wash basin has only a cold tap, and the water pressure leaves much to be desired. Frank, one of my faithful followers, will be pleased to know that although there’s no soap or face cloths provided, we do actually get toilet paper. πŸ™‚ I was awakened at 2 this morning by torrential rain beating down on the tin roof. There are no windows, just insect netting, so every sound from the jungle can be clearly heard. The Howler monkeys are the loudest animals, and their harsh , rasping howls can travel for three miles through the dense jungle.Β  As I write this,Β  I can hear a million insects out there, as well as the croaking of tree frogs and the calls of the night birds. Every so often, I’ll be startled by a bit of tree branch falling onto the roof. There are so many mosquitoes here, and my all over perfume of the moment is ‘CVS Insect Repellent’. I can thoroughly recommend it, as I haven’t been bitten yet, which is most unusual for me.

We’ve been kept so busy with boat rides, beach walks and hikes through the jungle, that I haven’t had time to visit your blogs. I have so many pics, and so much to tell you, when I get the chance.Β In the morning we leave to go back to San Jose, and then we have another ten days of touring to look forward to. I am missing you all, and will visit as soon as life returns to normal.

85 comments on “In the jungle the mighty jungle

  1. I can recall when I went to the rainforest and the mosquitoes were eating me bit by bit. No insect repellent with me … BIG MISTAKE!!! It was very smart of you to take some with you. That’s a very complimentary photo of you … great post.

  2. Wow so much seen already Sylvia ! That little frog is so cute .
    .. and my word what big papayas – not seen them that big even in Waitrose Lol
    !00% humidity is no joke .. but you’re looking cool I must say πŸ˜‰

  3. cute little fellow…oh my goodness look at the size of the tree trunk! don’t think I’d want my boat to break down in those waters…other wise looks like and awesome trip!

  4. bananas and papayas remind me of home, the philippines. and mosquitoes, too πŸ™‚
    the teeny frog and lizard look very interesting. love your chalet – it is cute! enjoy and thanks for sharing!

  5. That sounds like a good adventure – staying in a bit harsher environment, closely in touch with wild life. That must be a great fun for you. The boat ride apparently is unreliable (stuck or sunk is not good).

  6. I am glad to hear you have enough toilet paper Sylvia. Your travelogue is very entertaining πŸ™‚ I love your flora and fauna in spite of muddy waters. I hope you will keep safe during your time there. Torrential rain, noise, insects do not sound so appealing to me….

  7. goditi a pieno il tuo viaggio, cara Silvia, a noi dai la gioia di seguirti attraverso le tue splendide foto e le tue avventure, anche io sono stata qualche giorno assente dal blog, ma spero di avere tempo per tornare indietro agli altri post che hai pubblicato in precedenza, gli animali che fotografi sono molto rari e molto interessanti, ed anche quello che ci racconti.Grazie, grazie!
    Spero presto ci farai vedere le altre foto,Abbi un buon viaggio e che la gioia ti accompagni.
    un grande, amichevole abbraccio

    enjoy fully your trip, dear Silvia, us from the joy to follow you through your wonderful photos and your adventures, I have been away from the blog for a few days, but I hope to have time to go back to other posts you’ve published previously, animals that photographers are very rare and very interesting, and also what you tell us.Thank you, thank you!
    I hope soon we will see the other photos, have a good trip and that joy will accompany.
    a great, friendly hug

  8. Hello Sylvia,
    Great post with such interesting pictures again! Looks like this could be a very different and exciting tour to do. Hope that you have a great time and look forward to all the report backs and photo’s! Thanks for sharing.

    Take care and regards

  9. Looks like an amazing adventure. And those towels? Like Origami.
    I love seeing you in front of the gargantuan Sable tree, though. My fav, Sylvia.
    Enjoy your travels. I like following along via your photographs!

  10. Eek – POISON dart frog?
    LOL – on the lizard. I bet it’s cool to watch it run on water.
    Oh my on the cold shower. I once had a cold shower. I shivered for days. (Not really – but – it was a cold shower or no shower. And – I cannot go a day without a shower. What a luxury – eh?)

    Keep enjoying your time in Costa Rica.
    PURA VIDA! πŸ™‚

  11. Towel origami in the shape of two swans in love – how romantic! I loved Costa Rica when I was there a few years ago and those howler monkeys scared the pants off of me until I knew what that noise was. Cold water isn’t so bad at the end of a hot, humid day (just don’t plan on taking a shower in the morning :-). Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I love a cold rinse at the end of my shower, but not for the whole deal. πŸ™‚ Very early this morning, the Howler monkeys were really having a concert out there. πŸ˜€

  12. Thanks for the virtual tour. Some of the features of the place reminds me of the Philippines – papayas, bananas, mosquitoes, bugs, and humidity. πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful vacation. πŸ™‚

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