Wordless Wednesday: Tree spirit in the jungle

Yesterday, as we were cruising down the channels of Tortuguero, looking out for crocodiles and other wildlife, we passed by this tree trunk sticking up out of the water. It was right in the middle of the river, and I wondered who had thought to carve the weird face on it. ๐Ÿ˜• I can see a second face here, with long green eyelashes. Looks like it could be the face ofย  a tree spirit. Do you also see it?



58 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Tree spirit in the jungle

  1. Funny. I saw the long-lashed spirit’s face before the other. It was only when you mentioned that “mine” was the 2nd face did I look for the other. I can’t believe I missed it. Either way, they’re interesting and I wonder why the more obvious one — to everyone but me! — was placed there.

  2. forse รจ lo spirito del fiume che ha sorriso all’amica Silvia…non vedi? le ha pure fatto l’occhiolino….scatto strepitoso, ancora buon viaggio cara

    Maybe it’s the spirit of the river running smiled her friend Silvia … don’t you see? He also made the teaser …. amazing shot, even Bon voyage dear

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