Happy Anniversary to us.

Today my darling hubby and I celebrate our 47th wedding anniversary. I wonder how many of you are old enough to remember these songs that we danced to: ”Strangers in the night” by Frank Sinatra, “These boots were made for walking” by Nancy Sinatra,  ”Reach out, I’ll be there”, by The Four Tops  and “God only knows” and “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys?


This may sound like a huge number of years to be with the same person, but the time has just flown by. When we two love-struck youngsters said, “I do,” we could never have envisaged what a wonderful and long relationship lay before us. Hubby was newly graduated, and we had very little in the way of material things, but what we did have, was our love for one another, and  a dream of a “happily ever after” future together. Now, two wonderful children and five precious grandchildren later, we are still  celebrating. At times it’s been an exciting roller coaster ride, but then there have been the calm, smooth sailing periods when we’ve just coasted along without too much effort at all. Through all these years, I’ve been so fortunate to have someone who loves me unconditionally and without reserve; someone I can totally depend on to always be there for me through thick and thin. I just couldn’t imagine life without my wonderful man. We’re true soul mates, and although we’re so different in many ways, we get along so well. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and most importantly of all, we’ve stayed together.

“A kiss is just a kiss till you find the one you love.

 A hug is just a hug, till you find the one you’re always thinking of.

 A dream is just a dream till it magically comes true 

 Love was just a word till I heard it from you.”   ~ Anon.


198 comments on “Happy Anniversary to us.

  1. Wonderful memories Sylvia and you certainly have the recipe for happiness between you both by the sound of it . Lovely photo ! I’ll raise a glass to plenty more such happy anniversary occasions !
    I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling in the pink they used to say nd really hope you’ll hear some positive news re your tests soon xhugsx
    I’ve been out of touch on WP so ong I’m not sure how to begin again with it all . Must try harder .
    Love Poppy xx

    • Thanks so much, dear Poppy. Always good to see you when you resurface. My test results were clear, so now I have to see what the doctors suggest to get rid of my cough. I’m relieved though. 😘

      • Ah that’s such good news Sylvia ! Obviously
        I don’t know the background but by the by I had last year a cough and funny wheeze for 6 mths before they diagnosed mild late onset asthma . Precsribed 2 inhalers for a few months and now I am clear of the trouble and self medicating . I hope you may find a similar solution so easily too x
        Thanks Sylvia .. I know I’ve been rather disconnected from WP life for many months I have to say, but possibly I may resurface a bit more soon x

      • Thanks so much for your input, Poppy. I’m happy that you’re well again. Unfortunately it has been a ‘long weekend’ here in SA, so I have to wait until tomorrow to see the doctor again for a diagnosis and prescription. Very frustrating. xx

  2. Il più bello dei mari
    è quello che non navigammo.
    Il più bello dei nostri figli
    non è ancora cresciuto.
    I più belli dei nostri giorni
    non li abbiamo ancora vissuti.
    E quello
    che vorrei dirti di più bello
    non te l’ho ancora detto.

    Nazim Hikmet
    per voi sposi felici, con affetto

  3. Just found your Wedding Anniversary post…a very belated congratulations to both of you. I do remember the songs quite well. We just ticked off our twenty-seventh last Friday and like you the February/March that I spent entertaining (and being entertained) our first born on hot summer nights only seems like last year….not twenty-five years ago.

  4. That is a huge milestone, and there is nothing as beautiful as love – you inspire me. Happy belated anniversary…x

  5. Wishing you both a very happy, belated 47th anniversary, a wonderful accomplishment! I do remember all those wonderful songs. My favourite song when I was a young girl was Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These boots are made for walking’ and I can remember imagining a pair of boots walking all over the place, just boots, nobody wearing them!!
    May you have many more years of happiness and blessings to come – Sherri 🙂 x

  6. What a lovely post, and how lucky you are to have found each other. My husband and I feel the same way, and will be at 40 years in July. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog- I hope you enjoy it.

  7. I’m just catching up Sylvia. I remember all those great songs. I know the feeling you put so well but it took me a second time round to find my soul mate. Wishing you many, many more years of joy and happiness.

  8. Happy belated anniversary AD.
    47 years – a good wicket. Not one I’ll reach, but the thought of finding what you found keep me in the running so to speak 🙂
    Hope you guys had a wonderful day, and many more wonderful years to come!!

  9. Oh boy, am I late. I am sorry Slyvia. I am touched by this post and grateful you have shared it with us. To many more happy years ahead for both of you!!!!!

  10. Beautiful photo of you both.Belated congratulations and best wishes for many more years together. December anniversaries and birthdays get so intermingled with Christmas that sometimes it gets downplayed. What a lovely tribute to your husband. Great songs of a great era. (My era) 🙂

  11. Congratulations, my dear friend! I am celebrating with you. By the way, i know all of those songs!!

    “Love is an act of endless forgiveness; a tender look which becomes a habit.” Peter Ustinov

  12. Congratulations to a long and wonderful marriage! I remember those songs too, but I have never danced to them. They are wonderful though – listened to them a lot. Merry Christmas and many more Happy Years!

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