Thursday’s Christmas Windows in NYC

I know I’m a day late for Dawn’s “Lingering Windows #60” challenge, but I’m sure you won’t mind seeing some of what I saw in New York City last night. We took the two granddaughters into the city to see the Christmas lights, and what an exciting evening it was.

The Empire State was looking so beautiful, all lit up in red and green.


The streets were really crowded, but we battled our way through.


Macy’s had a lovely collection of Christmas window decorations with the theme, ‘Believe’.


Passing by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we popped in so that Taylor and Sienna could have their photo taken with the poster featuring their little brother Max, who was at home with his mom and other grandma.


We start on our three day drive back to Florida tomorrow morning. It’s been a lovely, but hectic few days here with the family. Most of the time there have been nine adults, seven kids and a dog, so not much chance to sit down with my computer. Sorry I’ve been so scarce, but things will return to normal when I get home again. Hope you’ve also had a wonderful family time over the Christmas holidays. Peace and love to you all.

You can click here to see more ‘Lingering Windows’.


54 comments on “Thursday’s Christmas Windows in NYC

  1. Although hectic, it sounds like you had a wonderful family Christmas. I cannot believe I have yet to visit NYC. I plan to rectify that in 2014. Happy New Year to you and your family Sylvia. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, brilliant evening shots … my favorite is the one of Macy. Great displays and I can imagine how exciting it was for the girls. I would had been excited too. *smile

  3. Proud of you for managing to post those lovely windows on the move πŸ™‚ I asked about the weather because it seems very chaotic this year and I don’t know who’s got what πŸ™‚

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