WPC: Juxtaposition

When I saw Michelle’s new theme ‘Juxtaposition’, I immediately remembered these few pics from my archives. We quite often see most unexpected pairings, and whilst travelling in Peru, I came upon this rather unlikely combination, near to the Temple of Wiracocha in Raqchi.


Just below Machu Picchu is a market, with a railway line running right through the middle of it.


On our Costa Rican tour, we stopped for lunch at a roadside restaurant, and I found this pair of sculptures really odd, and wondered whose idea it was to place them there. They seemed to bear no relation to one another at all.


Lastly, here are two very different modes of transport. In Sarchi, the most famous crafts centre in Costa Rica, I noticed this modern day bicycle leaning up against the ancient ox cart on display there.


Do you have any photos which depict juxtaposition? To take part in the challenge, or to see what other bloggers have come up with, just click on the badge below.


112 comments on “WPC: Juxtaposition

  1. Excellent picks for the challenge – my favorite is the toilet – I wonder if I would get a electric shock if I used it and as I call it – land in Tokyo visit. The train through the market is very wired – excellent spotted, I suppose it was hard to miss. Top points for this entry.

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