Ed’s Sunday Stills: What bad weather?

Apologies to you guys up north. I just couldn’t resist this challenge from Ed, but as I have no bad weather pics to show you, I thought I’d just show you what you’re missing by not living here in Florida, at least for the winter. As you can see. the pool area here, wasn’t at all crowded. Maybe the weather wasn’t quite good enough.


The golf course looks pretty deserted too. There’s just no pleasing some people.


This blogger was very happy, as she perused and commented on your posts, but I did have one complaint. The bright sunshine made the screen really hard to read. I suppose one can’t have everything in this life. *sigh*


Mr Great Blue HeronΒ  doesn’t really care what the weather is like, but he looked pretty happy taking a stroll in the afternoon sunshine.


If you really want to see some ‘bad weather ‘ pics, you’d better get over to Ed’s blog.

149 comments on “Ed’s Sunday Stills: What bad weather?

  1. CA is pretty nice right now, too! It’s almost too hot to take a walk in the afternoon! Unfortunately, ours comes with dry. We are officially in a drought now. The fields that are usually bright green dotted with flowers are brown. Groves of orange trees are dying.

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