Orchids and a metal bouquet for Jake’s Theme

It’s great to see Jake back again with his Sunday Post Challenge. I absolutely love flowers, but have very few photos, as I find they’re so difficult to photograph, to do justice to their beauty.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens has a wonderful orchid house, and this was, in my opinion, the most spectacular one.


I always like to have at least one orchid in my home. This one has been flowering for months, and has just a few blooms left on it.


Although we’re going back to South Africa soon, I couldn’t resist buying this orchid a couple of weeks ago. I’llΒ  have to donate it to my neighbour when we leave. Do you think she’ll mind?


Talking about giving flowers away, here’s a young lady who sits at the side of the road in Ambato Ecuador, generously offering her bouquet to all the passers-by.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my flowers for the challenge. To see Jake’s amazing graphics, just click on the badge below.


79 comments on “Orchids and a metal bouquet for Jake’s Theme

  1. I think you managed to capture their beauty so well … Orchids are such beauties … My mom had several different orchids before she got Alzheimer … Nowadays, she canΒ΄t take as good care of them as she used to do … // Maria πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Maria. My mom also loved growing orchids, and always had a few in flower. She put a lot of effort into caring for them. That was over ten years ago now. It’s sad that our moms can’t stay ‘young’ forever. *hugs*

  2. Just beautiful … I think it’s every woman’s favorite flower .. I need to have on in my living room all the time. So delicate and so wonderful. Gladly they are not that expensive anymore .. I have manage to get some of them to bloom again … have one on the go again now, but not easy.

  3. I would like to be your neighbor. I’m afraid I would kill it, though. I do ok with flowers outside, but not so well inside. I bet your little lady friend from Ecuador got quite a few takers! πŸ™‚

  4. I remember going to an orchid house on Madeira and being so disappointed with the photos afterwards, Ad, because in my memory the flowers were stunning, like these. Hopefully I’ve gotten a bit better with the camera since then. πŸ™‚
    We always have one at home, too. The last was a deep crimson which has just stopped flowering.

  5. carissima con piacere ti ritrovo, e le immagini sono bellissime, i fiori ci aiutano a comprendere la bellezza e la fragilità della vita, quella signora però. così seduta sopra i sassi non si trovi un poco scomoda? ha ha ha
    presto ritorni a casa, cara? chissΓ  come sarai felice
    un grande abbraccio molto affettuoso

    dearest pleasure meeting you, and the images are beautiful, the flowers help us to understand the beauty and fragility of life, that Lady though. so sitting on the rocks is a little uncomfortable? ha ha ha
    soon return home, dear? who knows how you will be happy
    a big hug very affectionate

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