WPC: A derelict object on the beach

My ‘Object’ for this week’s photo challenge, is an derelict old dugout which I saw on the beach in San Pedro, Belize. It had no plaque on it to tell me how old it was, or anything of its history, so I did a bit of research, and found that Ambergris Caye once had a thriving Maya community, and served as a trans-shipment point on the canoe route connecting the Maya and the non-Maya world. Large ocean-going dugouts made from hollowed out tree trunks, were crafted there, and used to transport salt, pottery, dried fish, sea shells and textiles here, from the northern Yucatan. These commodities were then off-loaded and taken inland in smaller canoes, probably like the one in my photo, down the shallow and quite narrow rivers and streams, to the communities in the highlands. These goods were exchanged for such things asΒ  jade, furs, feathers and a variety of forest products, which were brought back to San Pedro for further transport to other coastal zones. I doubt that this canoe dates back to the Maya, but it does look really old. You can click on the image to enlarge.


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67 comments on “WPC: A derelict object on the beach

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  3. Excellent entry – would mind sitting in the shadow of the palm tree – watching the time go by. Great captures of the old canoe and nice to have a story with the photo too.
    I love you have linked up the entry page with the logo – I have to do that too .. so much easier.

  4. Ha, good thing you didn’t run into me lying on the beach that day, pina colada in hand….I might have become the subject of your challenge photo!! πŸ˜‰
    (Beautiful shot)

  5. Hmm, that makes my imagination runs a bit wild thinking how people in those days made the trade by this sort of vehicle economically effective. Unless the local productivity was proportional with the vehicle. So many thoughts coming πŸ™‚

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