E is for Elephant

Here’s my entry for Frizz’s A-Z challenge this week. The letter ‘E has been tagged’, so here’s an elephant for you.


The male African Elephant is the largest living terrestrial animal and can grow to a height of 4m (13ft), and weigh 7,000kg (15,000 lbs). One of the biggest threats to their continued existence, is of course the ivory trade, and sadly, these magnificent creatures are still being poached for their tusks.

On a visit to Zimbabwe a few years ago, we did a sunset cruise down the Zambezi River.Β  It was so exciting to see elephants on the riverbank.Β  Enormous herds of elephant, some up to hundred strong, are often seen at the river’s edge, although we only saw a few.

First there was one.


Then he was joined by a couple more.


They just kept coming. It was so special to see these gentle giants in their natural surroundings.


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74 comments on “E is for Elephant

  1. Lovely setting to see them in. From cars can make one a bit nervous. I have already had one of them cause me to become aware of just how fast my car could travel in reverse gear without burning out the engine.

  2. I would just love to see one of these beautiful creatures in the wild. The ivory trade is so cruel and people who actually buy the stuff are just horrible as far as I’m concerned.

    This would have to be the biggest and best E for the challenge πŸ˜€

  3. Well I don’t need to tell you how much I adore elephants! Isn’t it amazing how such enormous creatures can suddenly appear from out of the bush and then just melt away again? Your close-up is a great shot. If I wasn’t doing buildings for the challenge, then elephants would have been my choice for E.
    Jude xx

  4. These giants are so fascinating … And i love that they really care about their family …
    It makes me sad, that there are people hunting these animals just for their ivory tusks … // Maria πŸ™‚

  5. They are amazing animal. Not only their impressive size but they are quite smart and appear to have complex emotion.

    I recently looked up whether a snake bite can kill an elephant or not. I did not expect that it can but a snake bite can kill the much larger size animal as well.

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