Mushrooms and Birds

This morning, there was a little rondavel village of mushrooms out on the grass by our lake. The Anhinga drying its wings in the morning sunshine, seemed not to have noticed this new addition to the landscape.


This looked to me like the royal palace, much bigger and grander than the other dwellings.


The rest are smaller, and the smallest ones are quite minute, just humble little cottages.


This afternoon we went for a walk around the Green Cay Wetlands, and having mushrooms on the brain, I looked across into the reeds, and thought I spotted a couple more.


Until one of the white mounds lifted its head, to reveal a Wood Stork, foraging for food.


Of course, we won’t be picking and eating the mushrooms, as I have no idea if they are poisonous or not. It is quite magic though, how they just pop up overnight.


79 comments on “Mushrooms and Birds

  1. Very clever shots!

    We get these mushrooms on our lawn every now and then. Bit of rain and up they pop
    We also had an African Darter visit us would you believe? It must live over on the golf course i suspect …with its buddy the heron.
    Anyway, I was called to the poll/pond by a thrilled wife .
    ”Look, there’s a duck in the pond!”
    Duck my backside!
    His one and only visit cost me big time in Koi terms. Ate all but two of a batch of young fish we had bought the previous weekend at the annual Cresta Koi show.

    And when he’d finished he hopped onto the rockery and sunned himself ( just like your photo) before I chased him away. Cheeky bugger!

  2. I’ve noticed the same thing when I’m in Michigan. I’ll walk the dog down the same path twice daily and one morning, mushrooms will be everywhere — no storks, though. Like you, I won’t pick them but but it’s a wonder to see them appear all at once.

  3. Love the photo of the various sized mushrooms as well as the wood storks masquerading as toadstools! I have yet to see a wood stork since we arrived in FL but I’ve been on the lookout for them. πŸ™‚

  4. Sylvia, magic mushrooms … and magical birds – maybe one thing gives the other.
    The birds look like big mushrooms with their heads down in the grass.

  5. Oh, I love mushrooms and birds Sylvia and these are great captures hon! Seems like the fairies were quite busy there overnight. Those storks nearly tricked you…hehehehe

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