87 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Washday blues

  1. What a great capture! There are those that consider the washing machine to be one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. One need only consider what life with a toddler or two would have been like without the machine.

    • Thanks, John. I do remember what it was like not to have a washing machine. When I was first married, I had to do all the washing by hand, and there was no such thing as disposable diapers in those days. 😯

  2. povera! avrΓ  troppo da lavare! prima o poi arriverΓ  anche da lei una provvidenziale latrice!
    poor! will have to be washed too! sooner or later it will come even from her a providential bears!

  3. Great capture …. so happy over our laundry rooms. *smile
    But I have a feeling that there are more women that have to do their laundry this way than women using washing machines.

  4. This is a very touching post. I’m glad you shared this photo. I remember as a child that my mother had an old wringer-washer. Because it kept on working perfectly serviceably year after year, she couldn’t justify replacing it, until finally my father had to do laundry one day. Shortly thereafter, a new magical modern machine appeared, cause for great celebration in our laundry room. Just imagine having a laundry room like the one you photographed! So much we take for granted.

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  6. Shame on me for complaining about having to go to a laundry mat sometimes while on the road. A little time, a dollar or two and you’re done; not so for these women.

  7. lol…I’ve always appreciated my washing machine since I had one break down about 10 years ago and was having it repaired but a part ended up being on back order…as a result I had to go to the laundromat…while it wasn’t the end of the world and wasn’t as difficult as washing clothing in a stream it isn’t something I want to do on a regular basis…. πŸ˜‰

  8. Indeed a great reminder for us who have washing machines Sylvia but I do remember the times I didn’t have one. Great post and photo hon. πŸ˜€ *hugs*

  9. Yeah…this is a very difficult job. Back home, we still have persons who do laundry for us by hand. When I was helping the family with our clothes when I was young, I often had scratched and bleeding hands.

    • I also remember my mom’s red and rough hands. Washday was a major project with no washing machine. When I had my first baby, I also had to wash by hand, even the diapers. 😯 I was so grateful when my MiL gave me her old machine, even if it did jump all over the kitchen on the spin cycle. πŸ™‚

  10. I am being bombarded with “MOROCCO” ~ Kate (Kate’s Creative Space) just took an impromptu trip to Morocco, a local retirement community picked Morocco as the theme this month, I’ve seen it referenced on TV, in blogs, and now here.

    Hmm . . . I wonder if a trip is in the offing?

    OK, now I’m going to go out and hug my washing machine. :mrgreen:

  11. Very true indeed. I don’t envy the lady. Although, judging from the whiteness of her clothes, she’s doing pretty good considering the colour of that water. She must be using Persil. πŸ˜‰

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