Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

This week we are challenged to post two photos of the same subject, but from a different perspective.

Whilst out for a walk in Florida a few weeks ago, I spotted in the distance, an Anhinga drying its wings in the late afternoon sunshine. He was in the middle of a lake, and it looked as though he was sitting on top of two ducks. They weren’t protesting at all, and were keeping perfectly still, which I thought was rather strange.


Zooming in, all was revealed. The ducks which were actually much too big to be true, weren’t real ones, and were obviously a fixture, as they weren’t moving at all. I can’t for the life of me, think why someone would want to fix two giant plastic ducks in the middle of a lake. Can you? It did make for quite a convenient drying spot for the Anhinga though.


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67 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

  1. That really is a great photo for the ‘perspective’ challenge Sylvia! I do know that sometimes plastic ducks in lakes are used as decoys by duck hunters and this reminded me of a little story I thought you might find amusing. While on holiday one year on the Norfolk Broads, somehow my kids ended up with one that they found floating about and apparently abandoned. It came all the way home with us in a suitcase back to California! I still have that plastic duck some 15 years later and back in England…go figure πŸ˜‰

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  3. Hysterical … !!!! I’ve seen lots of people use plastic objects (like those plastic flamingos) to decorate their yards or the front of their homes but never in the lake. I’m glad the anhinga was using it for his wing drying afternoons.
    Great shots … love this. ~~~ : -)

  4. questa volta il pellicano Γ¨ scuro… con grande contrasto nell’acqua, sembra molto felice!
    This time the Pelican is dark … with great contrast in the water, looks very happy!

  5. We have fake ducks in our lakes too. I check and found these reasons:

    it’s there because it has something to do with the irrigation (our nursery sprinklers are fed from water in the canal)….I think it may be just a visual for anyone looking for the pipe (the filter gets clogged with algae every so often and has to be scrubbed).

    Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/fort-lauderdale-area/513883-why-goose-decoys-fort-lauderdale-houses.html#ixzz2vPoULH55

  6. lol…interesting what some people will do…maybe it was to have people like us wonder why they were put there…or maybe to draw more ducks?!?!?!

  7. Whoops, Sylvia, I think I unfollowed you by mistake a few weeks back. Have just re-followed. I was still following your other blog, but I don’t think you’re posting there much anymore, are you? I got confused between the two. So hi there, and glad to have caught up with you again πŸ™‚

  8. oh my, that is too funny! I have a similar photo of that same type of bird in a Florida pond. great entry for this challenge! I have some ideas but with photos I’ve used before….boring! I need new material πŸ™‚

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