Sharing my B&W family album for Jake’s Transport Theme.

This week, Jake has asked us for pics which show modes of transport. I thought you might find these old black and white photos taken from my family album, quite interesting.

In the 1930’s my mom’s father, her uncle and her two brothers, were in the British army stationed in Hong Kong, so mom lived and went to school there for a few years. Here is a pic of the HM Troopship Dilwara, which took her and her family over there from Southampton England, in 1936.


Also in the album is a postcard, showing the same ship battling really rough seas.


In September 1937, Hong Kong was struck by the worst typhoon on record. The winds were gusting up to 149 mph, and 28 ocean-going ships were grounded in the storm in which 11,000 people lost their lives. IMG_0008



Many fishing boats and junks like these, were sunk along with their crew.


I believe the photos were taken either by my grandfather, or maybe his brother. I hope you enjoyed this little slice of history.

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58 comments on “Sharing my B&W family album for Jake’s Transport Theme.

  1. Hi Silvia, I love your blog. I live in Hong Kong. My dad has been here for 50+ years and is writing a book on the history of Hong Kong typhoons. He saw your wonderful photos and asked if there was any chance you might grant him permission to use one of the photos in his book (the third one of the Kwangchow aground). Of course, we would credit you/your family however you wish. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much!

  2. Old photo albums are so precious Sylvia I’ll never forget the sadness finding that a special one from my past had gone ‘missing ‘. Happy that you’ve shared these old family memories with us. What great ships .

  3. Lovely old albums. Our family album of ‘snaps’ disappeared around the time that my mom moved into a retirement home. I hope one day it will resurface, probably at one of my sisters as they helped her to move.

  4. such treasures AD, I do remember those old days of shipping and typhoons but my memories are from the 50’s … my mother was very keen on Hong Kong and made many trips there over her lifetime … twenty years and more after your family were there πŸ™‚ She bought all our clothes from Ah Chuck the tailor πŸ˜€

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