Wordless Wednesday: It looks so peaceful out there.

I couldn’t help wondering when this ancient cannon was last used, and to what effect.




53 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: It looks so peaceful out there.

  1. Places like this fascinate me and your wonderful shot — with that perspective — shows why. What was it like to spend hours looking out that “window” for hours on end? Worse yet, what about if “they” showed up?

  2. awesome perspective…I enjoy seeing items from the past, and always wonder what happened during the time it was in use. Sadly this may not have a happy ending!

  3. It sure looks different in a different time zone, doesn’t it? Hard to imagine some of the peaceful battle field sites I’ve visited being full of bodies, smoke and cannon fire. 🙂 I’m glad we are living when we do even though we still have war. Makes you think! 🙂

  4. I went to El Morro Fort in San Juan a Puerto Rico
    This fort was used to protect the island fr being taken
    Over by pirates. The cannons were huge. Your photo showcases
    that. I really like the wY you captured it.
    Where was this fort?

  5. It might look peaceful out there but a long time back there might be full of enemies coming from that direction. The land looks quite clear so it seems possible for army to move from that direction.

  6. It looks like the cannon ball may just hit that iron gate if they fired it now 😉 It’s amazing to think that at some stage it was fired maybe to keep marauders at bay 😀

  7. It does look peaceful AD, I am glad to have glimpse of St Michaels Mount .. we will be there in June when staying with friends in Penzance … hope it will be a lovely day to visit like this photo 🙂

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