53 comments on “Silent Sunday: A colourful eruption in Costa Rica

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  2. Seeing this art…makes me feel like a kid again….love it. As for the move…girl, I wish I would of got rid of so much more stuff than I did. I ended up giving it away once I got here anyway…sigh. As you get older, you realize this stuff doesn’t make you happy anyway☺

  3. When writers get writer’s block, they let the words flow until the right word appears.

    When painters get painter’s block, they let the paint flow until the right color appears.

  4. * … but is it Art * Sylvia … I think it deserves one of those little white cards with a pretentious artists’s statement propped up on the top πŸ˜‰

  5. my word, I wonder if the artist’s spouse got fed up being second best to an easel and squished the living daylights out of all the paint tubes in sight! How’s that for an interpretation????

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