Oxcart Rounds in Sarchi for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

I see that Ailsa has also chosen ‘Round’ as her travel theme this week. I’ve already done Sue’s ‘Round’ Word a Week challenge, here, but have a few pics which I didn’t use yet.

Last year, we were in Sarchi, a charming artisan town in Costa Rica. It’s the country’s most well known art and craft centre, and is most famous for it’s colourfully painted ox carts and oxen yokes.


In one of the studios, and watched the artists at work. Those of you who saw my Silent Sunday ‘Colourful Eruption’, might guess that it was photographed in this studio.


This one was painting a lovely bird on an umbrella to be sold in the gift shop.


It must take a lot of concentration and precisions to paint something this beautiful and so very intricate.


The shop was full of beautiful souvenirs to purchase, but I decided that an oxcart was a bit big to fit into my suitcase.


Out in the garden, was an original oxcart, which would have been pulled by a pair of oxen, to transport coffee beans and sugar cane to market. In this mountainous country, these carts were the main mode of transportation. Each region of Costa Rica had its own particular oxcart design, and the driver’s origin could be identified by the patterns painted on his cart’s wheels.


Today, oxcarts play an important role in parades and religious celebrations. As were leaving the town, we passed by the ‘Worlds Largest Oxcart’, a huge brightly painted ‘Carreta’ that sits in the Parque Central in front of the church. This masterpiece was built in 2006 in order to get the town’s name into the Guinness Book of Records.


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these colourful wheels for Ailsa’s challenge. To see more entries for the challenge, just click on the link.

I see that this is my 100th post on this blog. How should I celebrate?




93 comments on “Oxcart Rounds in Sarchi for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

  1. We would love to go back to Costa Rica and this would definitely be a town I would enjoy visiting. Seeing the photo of that gentleman painting on the umbrella brought me back to an event in Sedona where these colorfully painted umbrellas could be purchased. They were beautiful but I suspect they might not compare to these. 🙂

  2. How beautiful! I think it wonderful that the people took a bit of their history, preserved and renovated it, and gave it new life today. And we mustn’t forget that, in the process, they’ve created works of art. How cool is that?

  3. This is perfect enough for your 100th. I love the simplicity and, at the same time, uniqueness of the topic. And how so cool those designs are. It’s amazing that they hand paint it like that. Awesome share Sylvia. One of your bests.

    • Thanks so much, Ruth. As far as I know, there is nothing significant about the colour orange. They do love very bright colours though, as you must have noticed. There are many orange farms in the country. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jo. Glad I’m not the only one. 🙂 I started packing boxes and then the removals company lady came to give us a quote and said that it’s best they do the packing because of American Customs being so fussy about what they allow into the country. Now I’m in limbo. 😯

  4. I am so envious. I went on a day tour in Costa Rica that described part of the visit as seeing the beautifully hand-crafted oxcarts. I was very disappointed to only see one. A big one, under a gazebo in the middle of town. I wanted to see artisans painting them like you show here. I’m glad to experience them through your post until I can get back there and see them for myself.

  5. So you’ve finished the Lindt Chocolates now Sylvia … time to get cracking on the next milestone 🙂
    …My what patience and skill with these colourful rounds … think it would send me potty … or rather – more so !

  6. My eyes are dancing with happiness. I adore color. This is my kind of shop.
    For sure, I would get an umbrella to shade this HOT Florida sun. AND … I’d use it. As an artist, people in my town expect the unexpected from me. I guess Costa Rica is going on my Bucket list. WOW … great pix’s Sylvia. Bravo !!!!
    Issy XD

      • Well … the temps are in the lower 80’s (82 – 84).
        There’s still a cooler breeze so it doesn’t feel hot. I’m sure it will be short lived. But … then, I can begin to use my pool ( it isn’t heated). XD
        p.s. they use umbrellas all the time in Puerto Rico. I experienced that for the 1st time when I was in school there for a year. I suppose they know how to avoid skin cancer. ~~~~ : – )

  7. There is so much creative spirit in our world – it gives me great comfort to know that there are many who add beauty to our world. You have an amazing way of putting together themes.

  8. Celebrate? The first thing that jumped into my mind was one of your miraculous chocolate creations. Those cart wheels are mind-boggling. They must go into a trance painting them. Sort of like creating a Mandala…

  9. What a great post to have as your 100th post, so full of color and joy! Congrats on your milestone! I love the photo of the man painting the umbrella, so talented and diligent! Have a lovely weekend and maybe have some of that amazing chocolate cake you made last week( if there’s any left!) and glass of wine and celebrate with your family! Whatever you do to celebrate, enjoy! 😃🌟

  10. Happy 100th post Sylvia, you’ve celebrated with lots of colour, love these oxcarts, never seen anything like it! Have a great weekend and cheers to you 🙂

  11. You just celebrated by providing artful, colorful food for the spirit! I loved these oxcarts when I saw them in Costa Rica – so lovingly and uniquely decorated. I always enjoy “practical” art, art that is used in daily life rather than gathering dust on a mantle…

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