WPC: Letter overload

“The act of reading is so easily taken for granted, that we forget what an astounding feat it is. ” ~ Dr. Helen Smith

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘Letters’. Every day, we are bombarded with letters all around us. Sitting here at my desk, I’m staring at lots of letters, and quite often hit the wrong one.


Times Square NYC, is a place full of letters of all colours and sizes.


Some vehicles advertise exactly who’s inside.


Whilst other advertise what you could have if you had the money and the desire for whatever.


Shops have to proclaim their wares in order to get you to go inside. I’m not sure whether the guys would be more interested in this one or the previous one.


If you were to buy one of the above, you’d certainly need to take heed of this warning, or you could go flying right over those super-cool ape-hanger handlebars.


A more sedate form of transport would be this one.


But in order to buy either of these, you might need to be the offspring of this guy I spotted on the beautiful Isle of Capri.


I know the challenge only asks for one pic, but you know me; the more the merrier. I hope you’ve enjoyed my bit of fun today.

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87 comments on “WPC: Letter overload

  1. Once again a fun entry from you … love the Dad bank T-shirt. Been in that traffic mess at Broadway more than once – I never think they will be ready. *smile
    And I used my laptop in a challenge too – for the word escape … we are very clever aren’t we !????? I enjoyed this very much. This is your day – so see you next Friday again. *smile – I hope. *laughing.

  2. I can remember as a child going on long car journeys and being fascinated with reading signposts, words on billboards, and any other words I saw. I still like reading number plates on cars and making up silly words from them.

  3. Breast can be singular, but implant(s) better be plural or there could be a problem! Once again your humor shines through. There are no sleeping policemen in your brain! πŸ™‚

  4. You’re right….we do take language and literacy for granted. It’s a unique human achievement.
    And…..jus’ askin’……does $2800 get me only one….or both? πŸ™‚

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