67 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Don’t be a llama’d by the bad hair day.

  1. Don’t we have them all ….. a bad hair day, me nearly every day. Wonderful shot and very cool too. We have llamas here in Landskrona, they work as lawnmowers at our castle’s ground together with sheep. .

  2. Whahahahah! You’re so funny Sylvia! Yes, just wear a hat if you have a bad hair day! 😆 Clearly that Llama doesn’t care. I wouldn’t either. I love that ‘wet look” and wouldn’t mind if I had curls like that. 😀 Great shot hon! ♥ Hugs ♥

  3. I have a hat like that. It’s just the ticket on the windy days at the beach. Mine is prettier, though! 😀
    The title was definitely worth the effort. You are just too clever by half.

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