WPC: My sister’s works of art ‘To Moscow with love’.

This weeks photo challenge, ‘Work of Art’ happens to coincide with my sister Yvonne appearing on the front cover of our community lifestyle magazine here in Durban South Africa. A couple of weeks ago, she sent me an e-mail to say that she had been asked to pose with her easel and one of her paintings at a picturesque beauty spot not too far from her home. The shoot was scheduled to be at dawn. “What shall I wear? I’m going to have to get up at 3am to wash my hair and put my face on, so I look good for the cameras,” she told me. After the shoot, she said that it wouldn’t have mattered, because the way they took the photos, no-one would have been able to see the wrinkles, or whether her hair was squeaky clean anyway. The magazine came out this week, and I think she looks pretty amazing.


She had never painted anything at all until she decided in her mid 50’s, to take up art lessons with her teacher Mark. It hardly seems credible that it’s only seven years ago since she excitedly showed us her first efforts. Before very long, it became evident that she had real talent, and in less than two years, she took second place in an art competition sponsored by Nivea, with this painting.


Here are just a few more of her works of art. (Click on an image to enter gallery)

Last year in September, she and her art teacher were chosen to take part in an exhibition entitled ‘South Africa in Colours’, which was held in Moscow.


Here are some of the paintings which were exhibited. These are my sister’s.


As you can see, her favourite subjects are Africa’s wildlife and African people.


Her teacher prefers to paint landscapes, nature and still life.


Mark says that he’s never come across a pupil that can’t paint. Now there’s a thought to ponder. Maybe we’re all sitting on an artistic talent which is lying undiscovered.

To see more ‘Works of Art’, just click on the badge below.






138 comments on “WPC: My sister’s works of art ‘To Moscow with love’.

  1. Thank you dear sister – all those lovely comments have really inspired me!! Yeeay!! I will get out the paint brushes as soon as I have taken Dingo for a walk! Love you xxx

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    • Thanks, Jo. Yes she has amazed us all. 🙂 I wish our dad had lived to see her paintings. She says that he inspires her when she’s painting. I’m sure he had suppressed artistic tendencies which he was too busy earning a living, to nurture. 😦

      • Sadly many people never get to tap in to their artistic talents because they have to earn a living and raise a family…time is always so short during those years. But what a lovely thought that he inspires her.

  3. Fantastic art and you must be so proud of your so talented sister ! … Her art is just stunning …
    I always love animals best … But I must say that the girl with the white dress, the old man with a white beard and the woman in the water who bends her neck … Is just amazing … // Maria 🙂

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