WPC: Twisted branches and seedpods

At the weekend, we walked down the drive to the steps just above our beach here in Umhlanga. It was a really hot day, so we sat on one of the benches in the shade. Looking up through the tree’s I spotted this bare twisty branch, and decided that it would do perfectly for this week’s WPC.


It wasn’t just this branch that was twisty. The whole dead tree was the same.


Looking across at a live tree, I noticed how twisty those branches were too.


On the way back to our house, the twisty seed pods on this palm tree caught my eye. I think it’s a Fan Palm. Do any of you know if I’m correct.


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Today is my sister’s birthday, so this evening, we’ll be off up the hill to attend her dinner party. Brother-in-Law is doing the cooking, and I believe that he’s bought a decadent gateau for dessert, so I don’t even have to make one this time. Yay!!

71 comments on “WPC: Twisted branches and seedpods

  1. Very interesting photos for this week’s challenge. The first photo where the two thin branches criss-cross reminds me of two fingers crossed…it must be a tree that brings good luck. Great job with the photos πŸ™‚

  2. Your flora is so different there. Fan palms here have a different growth habit but the “fan” looks the same. You can call it whatever you like! I’ll still enjoy your photos. πŸ˜€

  3. tortuous and twisty … πŸ˜€
    Did you twist the night away at your sister’s birthday Sylvia … I’m surprised you didn’t show you twisting and a- hula hooping as we all know you can πŸ˜‰

  4. the first photo – with all that beach – reminded me a Monet painting – and actually – it reminded me of “Cap de Antibes” – your is different – but that painting came to mind instantly!!!


    I also like the seedlings at the end – and that was kind of a twist added because with three shots of the dead tree twists – we see seeds with new life – hmmmm

    great for the challenge – πŸ™‚ ~y.

  5. Great twists Sylvia. I’m not sure about the fan palm. Looks more like some kind of tree aloe with those ‘branches’ and serrated leaves, but obviously a big one if it is! I love the seeds.

  6. Perfect shots and selections for the challenge Sylvia. I love the dead tree branches. They look like little fingers all twisted up. πŸ˜€

  7. Sorry AD it is not a fan palm as I know it… I know which tree you’re talking about… don’t quote me but I think it is known by another name… I do not have my books with me in Pta maybe Col can help with the ID… enjoy the party and I love your twisted tree…

      • On another note I found your comment to my post on Istanbul in the Spam folder. Apparently the WordPress gremlins put it there. So sorry about that. I always appreciate your visits and comments and wouldn’t want you to think I was ignoring what you had to say. Have a great day!

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