Floral Friday: Orchids in Singapore

Some of the most beautiful orchids I’ve ever seen were at the National Orchid Garden in Singapore.

I think this beauty is a Catttelya Orchid.


This one is also really spectacular, and I’ve never seen another one like it. I wonder what it’s called.


It’s much cooler here today, only 18ΒΊ C and very windy. I think winter has finally arrived in South Africa. Tomorrow, I’ll be off up the hill again to see my mom. I hope she’s warm enough. It will be her first winter in the care home. I’ve bought her some nifty purple,fingerless, knitted gloves, which have a piece on the the back, that can be pulled over to make them into mittens. Brilliant idea! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


43 comments on “Floral Friday: Orchids in Singapore

  1. Over the years Mrs GOF and I have owned some of the most beautiful and expensive orchids ever to have been killed by neglect. πŸ™‚
    We have a friend who travels to an orchid show in Taiwan every year and comes back with thousands of new baby orchids in test tubes.
    Beautiful pictures.

    • I love to have at least one orchid in the house. They flowers last a long time, but when they’re gone, I’m afraid I just go out and buy another one. Patience is not my greatest virtue, and I don’t appear to have green fingers. 😦

  2. oh we loved those orchids too AD, thanks for reminding me of them right now when we are in England and back to ‘winter in Australia’ temperatures!

  3. Loved the orchids. The variety of orchids never ceases to amaze me.
    I have some gloves like that. They even have a button to keep the cap over the fingers out of the way when not needed. They are very nifty when photographing in cold places.

  4. Lovely orchids. I think the pink one is a Vanda variety. If I am not mistaken, that may be what we call waling-waling, a prized orchid, in the Philippines.

  5. How beautiful! The orchid garden must be a gorgeous sight. I have seen cut blooms similar to the second one in the Bangkok flower market. Happy weekend to you too Sylvia.

  6. Isn’t it a spectacular place? I can never decide on the ultimate bloom … They’re forecasting winter arriving here on Sunday – it arrived in Sydney yesterday, so it seems we’re all synchronised. I’m already shivering and can’t imagine how it’s going to feel, what amount of tugging up will be appropriate – what an adventure!

    • Yes it’s a marvellous place, Meredith. I’d love to go back there, now I’ve got a better camera. I wasn’t blogging then, so photo were incidental. πŸ™‚ Keep warm. I’ve got sleeves on for the first time for ages.

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