Teddy Bear Friday. Meet Horace

I heard on our morning news here in South Africa, that today  is ‘Teddy Bear Friday’. We’re supposed to hug a Teddy today, and if we know someone who isn’t lucky enough to have one, we should buy them one, as no-one should be without their own lovable Teddy Bear. I have quite a few, but thought you might like to meet Horace who is about twenty-five years old. He lives a life of luxury, just lounging around all day, but is very cheap to feed and never answers back. He’s definitely a keeper.


Did you know that Teddy Bears have been around since the early 20th century? They were named after US President Theodore Roosevelt, who was commonly known as ‘Teddy’, a name which he was not at all fond of. The name came about after an unfortunate incident on a hunting trip in Mississippi, which involved the killing of an America Black Bear. This cartoon was published in the Washington Post in 1902.


If you want to read more about the story, you can find it here: http://www.theodoreroosevelt.org/site/c.elKSIdOWIiJ8H/b.8684621/k.6632/Real_Teddy_Bear_Story.htm

Please don’t forget to hug your Teddy on his special day!


57 comments on “Teddy Bear Friday. Meet Horace

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  2. Ha – I knew about the history of the name & where it came from.

    Teddy bears are adorable little stuffs. Not sure I’d wanna’ cuddle up with a real bear though. 😉

  3. cute and sweet… I’ve always loved Teddybears, even though I mentioned @ my “about” that I’m not livin’ in a “teddybear land”… 🙂

  4. sai che ne ho uno simile? decisamente un tipo sfaccendato che dorme sopra cuscini di seta…he he, tutti uguali! deliziosa storia che non conoscevo, grazie!
    you know that I have one like that? definitely a type idle sleeping on silk cushions … he he, all the same! delightful story I didn’t know, thanks!

  5. so sweet AD, I have a few favourite teddies but they are all at home … and isn’t it strange that such a powerful scary big animal became a children’s toy?

  6. Dear Sylvia,
    I knew the story about the original Teddy Bear , but had never heard of Teddy Bear Day! What a lovely tradition. I have my Dad’s old teddy. He was born in 1913, so it has been around for about a hundred years. It is filled with sawdust, and has been loved to pieces, repaired again and again, a homely old thing, but I have a soft spot in my heart for it.

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