Wordless Wednesday: Smile! You’re on candid camera.

Seen from the escalator in a busy London shopping mall.




74 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Smile! You’re on candid camera.

  1. Oops! That’s a bit of an embrassing situation. Don’t know if I will be scared of the mouth procedure or knowing people can see me from above. More anesthetic please. Great post!

  2. Oh dear I wonder what the patients are thinking being in full view like that. Imagine if one of them became hysterical. Like a stage show with the escalator audience.

  3. In our local mall, there is a group that gives massages at the base of the escalator. Clients sit in relaxed into special chairs getting a rub down for all the world to see. How could you ever relax!? Oh, ha, I just saw the massage parlor comment! πŸ™‚ Great post, Sylvia. Sorry I wasn’t very silent!

    • Thanks, Elisa. We have a massage place on our beach promenade. The small tent has open sides and front, with two massage tables inside, so one can quite clearly see the bikini clad slabs of meat, being pummeled and rubbed. Not a pretty sight at all. 😯

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