Thursday’s Windows: A Dreary Day Train Ride in London.

London is renowned for its grey skies and drizzly weather. Our ride from the Hatton Cross underground tube station to the Westfield Mall on a very cool day in March, was very uninspiring.

Pulling out of the cold and cheerless station.

Pulling out of the cold and cheerless station.

Even on a sunny day, the view from the train windows isn’t exactly sparkling, but on this day, the sky was a very pale grey, and promised rain.

The houses are so close to the railway line, but I suppose one must get used to the noise after living there for a while.

The houses are so close to the railway line, but I suppose one must get used to the noise after living there for a while.

Many of these Victorian three storey houses have been converted into flats. Property prices in England are really crazy nowadays, and a five-bedroom terrace house in the greater London area, can cost about Β£2 million, with a one room studio apartment around Β£200,000. It’s not surprising that there’s been a rise in the number of ‘stay-at-home’ grown up children, and that the two family home is the fastest-growing type of household in the UK.


Almost at our destination, here are more windows, and also, as an added bonus, a peek at some very British chimney pots.


To see more entries and the windows that Dawn has forΒ  Thursday’s Lingering Windows, visit Dawn’s blog.


76 comments on “Thursday’s Windows: A Dreary Day Train Ride in London.

  1. It may look dreary but it made me remember my recent visit to London and my fondness of the town πŸ™‚ I have heard about the prices of housing – what a shame.

  2. Thanks for the ride …. I love your thinking behind this post and your images – just get the camera out and the trip will be a lot more interesting. London Underground is the best in the world – it’s really hard to get lost … so well signed.

  3. I’ve never been to London, but hear the weather is often overcast and dreary. When Londoners come here they seemed overwhelmed by the space and the constant blue sky (which is probably why a lot of them stay!) πŸ˜€ Even though the weather is dreary in the photos, I still like the architecture of the houses πŸ˜‰

  4. Reminds me of all those train journeys I used to take as a child between Ipswich and Liverpool Street station to visit my dad. However, the journey to London from here in Somerset is beautiful countryside (until you get closer to London of course!) The sunshine helps, of which we’ve had a lot lately, but today is raining although I’m not complaining. Nothing like a full water-butt for watering the hanging baskets later! πŸ˜‰

  5. Not very inspiring & yes, dreary I agree Sylvia ! There does always seem to be a point arriving by train into London when one thinks .. hmm glad I’m not living here … usually through a dirty smudged rain smeared window :-/
    I trust the arrival at the Westfield Mall put a smile on your face πŸ™‚

  6. not much we can do about the weather, doesn’t mean we have to like it though… πŸ™‚ I like to see the photos regardless of the weather as I’ve never been there!

  7. The top photo reminds me of my limited time on the tube. After three days of admiring the system and that map showing passengers the stations, my eyes wandered across to a sign which, in part, read; “if you see an unidentified an un attended parcel or package…notify conductor….do not pull emergency…” It was 1976 and my Irish ‘relatives’ were not happy with the Brits. Probably still not!

  8. Some of those suburby views are depressing even on a sunny day, Ad. But if you had the spiffiest house you wouldn’t have the railroad at the bottom of the garden, would you? πŸ™‚

  9. i remember march can be cool and rainy in london πŸ™‚ what a nice way of photographing windows, Sylvia! amazing how much these victorian flats costs have gone up!

  10. Ahh, I don’t go to London without good reason but it isn’t all bad or always dreary! Property prices are awful and that applies to the west country as well, it’s hard for local young people to afford to buy homes, especially as people want to move down from London to beautiful Devon!

  11. London does put the “D” in dreary sometimes, but I still find it an exciting place to be no matter the weather. The sunny days are the bonus, but even that doesn’t ease the pain of the cost of real estate!

  12. Every time I get a tad ‘homesick’- a misnomer considering I have lived in SA more years than in the UK – it is pictures such as these, AD, that make me count my blessings:
    Wall to Wall blue in the middle of winter!
    And Wimbledon is almost upon us so the Brits are guaranteed rain! πŸ˜‰

  13. Well, I’m British and haven’t visited London for the last 20 years! It’s far too noisy, smelly and overcrowded for me. That being said, the last time I went there was to the City of London to an early music concert on a Sunday afternoon. Now that was fun as there was hardly a soul about, it being mostly offices there, and it was a lovely sunny day. The architecture is quite splendid, too, when you get to see it without people blocking your view.

  14. Hmm the Underground (overground) east from Hatton Cross.. My Dad grew up in Hounslow and I have fond memories of traveling the Piccadilly line during visits with my grandparents. Very different then of course. I remember trips to Heathrow, as my grandad worked there, trips to central London and the museums. Thanks for a reminder of such lovely times Sylvia. The sun was always shining when I traveled the line of course. πŸ˜‰

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