Floral Friday: Glorious Hibiscus in Winter

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” ~ Anne Frank

These two beauties are flowering so profusely in the pots outside our front door. At the end of the month when we move, I will have to leave them behind. I really hope that their new owner will love and care for them as I have done.



Wishing all my American blog friends a very happy Independence Day, and all of you a wonderful weekend.

64 comments on “Floral Friday: Glorious Hibiscus in Winter

  1. Beautiful colors … I have several in my garden that blom at different times.
    They’re always a surprise when they open. So sad you have to leave them behind.
    ~~~ : (
    Have a peaceful transition to your new location.I’m sure the new memories you begin there will be as special as the ones your created where you are now.
    ~~~~ : – )

    • Thanks, Mona. I can’t give these pots away, as they are included in the sale agreement. Fortunately, the gardeners here water them once a week, so even when we were away for 6 months at a time, they survived well, and just needed a bit of pruning when we got back.

  2. I was shocked/surprised to hear that you are moving and selling up here in SA. I do hope you won’t abandon your blog too, AD. I have just had a marathon read as I’ve not been keeping up to date with any of the blogs lately. Have a safe journey and do keep in touch. I am sure you are looking forward to a more leisurely lifestyle, but we will miss you as I always thought of this country as your ‘real’ home. ♥

    • Of course I won’t abandon my blog. I actually have more readers in the USA than I ever had over here on Letterdash. WordPress is a truly international blog site. We never intended staying here for so long, but then family followed us out here, and it was a bit difficult to just up and leave again. Anyway, as Elvis once sang. “It’s now or never” so we decided to take the plunge, and we already have so many friends in Florida, so it makes good sense.

      • Yes, it does make more sense, AD, and I know you wouldn’t have taken the decision lightly. I wish you everything of the very best both with and after your move. ♥

      • It must be bittersweet to move away from your home. I know how I felt when we sold our home in Sedona but at least I was staying in the country.

  3. Glorious flowers, Sylvia! Strangely enough, when I moved away from the city (almost two years ago) I was worried about my garden! I hope the new owners are looking after it 😉

  4. I am sure the new owners will be thrilled with these gorgeous plants. Still I can appreciate how it is hard to leave these things we care about and have enjoyed so much.

  5. Such lovely colours in these Hibiscus flowers they do put on a show don’t they Sylvia …
    Pure happiness in a pot 🙂
    Have a great weekend .

  6. Glorious indeed Sylvia. How lovely that you have them to look at in all their glory before you move. Have a lovely weekend and see you soon 🙂 xx

  7. Oh my! The move is getting to be that close, is it? Hope it all goes smoothly. I bet it’ll be hard to leave that hibiscus along with a whole lot else behind.

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