Candy Shop Windows for Dawn’s Challenge

Every Thursday, Dawn has her ‘Lingering Windows Challenge’.  This week, I have two very sweet photos for you. The first was taken in Savannah, Georgia. This amazing candy store is housed in one of the waterfront’s old cotton warehouses, and manufactures the best fudge you’ve ever tasted. The wonderful aroma of warm fudge assails your nostrils as you walk up the street, and it’s just a natural reaction, to step inside instead of walking past. Once you’ve succumbed to temptation, there’s no hope for your waistline.


Mr Simm’s Olde Sweet Shoppe in Horsham,England, is based on a pre-war style sweet emporium. With over 1,500 different types of tempting sweets and chocolates, and has often been compared to Willy Wonka’s. On the shelves, there are hundreds of jars of old fashioned sweets, such as sherbet lemons, pear drops, dolly mixtures, wine gums, licorice allsorts, and my own personal favourite, rainbow chocolate drops, which are weighed out and put in a paper bag, just like in the ‘olden days’. As a child, I must have eaten a barrow load of those chocolate drops covered in colourful  ‘hundreds and thousands. My Saturday sixpence pocket money always ended up in Mr Clarke’s cash register drawer. How many of you had a similar addiction?


I couldn’t resist adding this Google image. Please help yourselves. 🙂


To see more ‘Lingering Windows’ for this week, just click on this link.



81 comments on “Candy Shop Windows for Dawn’s Challenge

  1. We have a wonderful candy shop called Reimer’s in the little town of Three Rivers just before you head into the Sequoia National Park. It is very gingerbready with three or four rooms chocked full of sweets, so full there’s barely any room for all the people. It is always crowded no matter when you go. When you come see me, I’ll take you there. 🙂

  2. pear drops … sherbet lemons … sherbet fountains and coughing and spluttering after sucking it up through the liquorice ‘straw ‘
    Lovely to see that old shop there Sylvia !

    • Oh yes, now you’ve really brought back those memories with the sherbet fountains. I used to end up with it on my nose, and those liquorice sticks went all sticky and limp, but we still kept on buying them. 😀

  3. Oh, no! Here we go again….getting Mugged down Memory Lane!
    Love this. Yes, there was a similar shop at the top of our road, Star Lane, when we lived in the town of Ramsay. I was eight, I think? ( working backwards that’s about 150 years ago)
    It wasn’t solely a sweet shop though, and I recall the owner selling newspapers and stationary items too.
    But I do remember pear drops & dolly mixtures, and huge gobstoppers and sherbet dips, and those long stringy liquorice. What about Bazooka Joe bubblegum – and later Thunderbirds Packets, and Captain Scarlet Packets with bubble gum and cards.
    “Now, let’s add up the fillings this year, Ark”

    Mugged down Memory lane, Sylvia? More like beaten half

  4. That took me back! The name of those chocolate drops were driving me crazy. Thank goodness for Google. They are called nonpareils in the U.S. ??? Why the weird name? From the French meaning without equal! I never knew that. Thanks for the time travel. I’m off to the sweet shop. ❤

  5. Just finished up a delicious sushi roll, could go a handful of chocolate buttons now. 🙂 We dont have stores like this in my town, I’d love to see an little old fashioned lolly shop, hmmm… wonder who I know to petition getting one. Thanks for the stella idea. Happy Friday and have a great weekend. Cheers, Anna

  6. pass the wine gums 😛 let’s hope these little candy shops (and quaint bookshops) never disappear. love them and your photographs! 🙂

  7. Been to the one in Georgia. Loved it! When I was very young, I would walk to the corner and make a quick left and head into Mary’s Candy Store. She had a counter and all the “older folks” would sit and smoke and have coffee and chat. Me? I’d pick up a pack of “smokes” for my dad for 20 plus cents and some tasty red licorice for me. Thanks for the memories, Sylvia. 🙂

  8. good to read such fond childhood memories, Sylvia. as a child, whatever small change i got all went to the store for candies and sweets! nice pictures 🙂

  9. Counting the fillings in my teeth as a consequence of goodies like those in my tuck box that I took to boarding school with me each term as a child! I particularly blame lemon sherbets D:
    Nowadays, fudge is the only sweet I ever eat but not too often, as it gives me mouth ulcers. And I’m allergic to chocolate.
    Oh, the injustice of it all.

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