Feathers on Friday: The long and the short of it.

A tall Wood Stork chats to his short friend, the Mottled Duck, in our Florida backyard.


(When I saw this couple, the phrase. “The long and the short of it”, immediately sprang to mind. I then got to wondering how long this cliché has been around for, and was surprised to learn that “The short and long of it” has been in use since around the year 1500. Shakespeare used it four times in his plays. The earliest published source for the actual phrase ‘the long and the short of it’, is from a work by William Walker in 1690. I find it so amazing that we still use phrases from hundreds of years ago.)

To join in this challenge and to see other entries, visit Charlotte at ‘Prairie Birder’.

51 comments on “Feathers on Friday: The long and the short of it.

  1. Isn’t Google just an amazing resource. I wonder if there is any thing you cannot get an answer to! I am just catching up again after a 5 week absence Sylvia, at my last visit you had just sold and were busy packing. Have you arrived in Florida yet?

    • I so agree with you, Pauline. Google is a trillion times better than the encyclopedias we had in the olden days. We are in the final throes of moving out of our house here. We’ve been busy sorting out stuff to give away to the SPCA, my sister, my daughter, the gardener, the handyman etc.. The next two weeks are likely to be very traumatic, so I may not be around much. We’re renting a house for a month until we return to Florida in September. Hope you’re enjoying being back home again. Great to see you again. xx

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