Beautifully Decorated Paintings for Ailsa’s Theme.

For Ailsa’s Travel Theme, ‘Decoration’, I have a few more of my sister’s recently finished paintings. She is a great admirer of the works of the Austrian symbolist painter, Gustav Klimt, particularly those painted during his ‘Golden Phase’,Β  and she has been experimenting with this style of art, herself.


Decorative patterns around his subjects, were often used by Klimt in his paintings.


His subjects were almost exclusively women, and as my sister’s speciality is painting African people, she does ‘Klimt’ with an African twist.


Hanging on her kitchen wall, is this really striking painting, the background of which is decorated with gold and bronze foil overlay.

IMG_5260 I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these, as much as you enjoyed the leopard which I posted yesterday.

Klimt died in 1918, and since his death, his paintings have fetched some record prices in the art world. This 1907 beautifully decorated portrait of the socialite Adele Bloch-Bauer, was sold in 2006, to American businessman Ronald Lauder for $135 million.

Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer, by Gustave Klimt.

Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer, by Gustav Klimt.

I’m sure my sister would be happy if hers sold for even a fraction of the price. πŸ™‚

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80 comments on “Beautifully Decorated Paintings for Ailsa’s Theme.

  1. your sister is a great artist. love the pieces you showed here. also enjoyed looking at the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. I do not know too much about Klimt, but did use some of his pieces for a few lessons. And I used Klimt’s The Sunflower (1907) with a very basic Still life drawing lesson for kids. And we compared the sunflowers of other artists – like van Gogh – but I have also seen adult lessons comparing the sunflowers of certain artists to see how and if they are portrait imbued or anthropomorphic – but that was not needed for our classes. Anyhow, the first and second painting in this post reminded me a bit of The Sunflower one – and well I am so glad I dropped by for this post. I wonder where you are going to hang these colorful and lividly pieces…. hmmmm ❀

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  3. Your sister’s art is brilliant (ha, no pun intended) and she’s really captured the essence of Klimt. They’re all very nice, but I’m really drawn to the second painting. Love the layers of detail.

  4. Gustav Klimt and your sister walk hand in hand. She has done a beautiful job of creating masterpieces in his style. The mother and child painting is my favorite but I would love them all.
    Nice entry for the challenge but really her art is beyond decoration. Great work !!!!

  5. Danke wünsche einen schânen Tag sehr schâne GemÀlde Menschen die so etwas kânnen ist eine Gabe.Ich wünsche dir eine glückliche schâne Woche hoffenlich mal ohne Regen liebe Grüße von mir.Gislinde

  6. Absolutely marvelous. The one hanging in her kitchen is particularly impressive, not just for the gold foil, but the powerful expression. Then again, I have to agree with Scott Marshall’s “barking”… and with you about some folks have far too much money and not enough sense!

  7. Your sister is really talented Sylvia, and I like her style. Her choice to use African people as her model fit perfectly with the decorative pattern around the main subjects.

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