WPC: Floating Containers and Packing Boxes

Every day when I look out of my bedroom window, I see container ships full of cargo. Sometimes they seem so close that I feel I could reach out an touch them. Well maybe, not quite, but our neighbour’s son and his friends could certainlyย  swim out to it. This one is empty of containers, judging by the height of the Plimsoll Line above the water.


It was quite hazy this morning, so some looked quite ghostly. I hope those containers are well secured. They look very close to the edge.


The Anuket Amger is an oil and chemical tanker.


The Min Rui is a general cargo ship from Hong Kong. I wonder what it’s bringing into Durban Harbour. Most probably cheap clothing, which tends to last for only one season.


These ships can sit motionless for days on end. We have regular strikes here, so the port is often very congested.


At the present time, I’m more concerned with a different sort of container. These have started sprouting up in one of the bedrooms.


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71 comments on “WPC: Floating Containers and Packing Boxes

  1. Gorgeous photo’s AD! quite a misty effect which I love. Boy, what a nice variety of containers you have. Some ideal for a Sunday picnic when you have finished settling down in your new home.

  2. Perfect timing for the ‘containers’ challenge this Sylvia. How wonderful to have had this view of the sea from your bedroom window. Thinking of you… ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  3. I’m wondering if once you get your stuff in containers, will they end up in a big container on one of those container ships bound for Ft Lauderdale or Miami?

    I would sure miss that view.

  4. Funny I was thinking about you yesterday โ€ฆ and your packing down.
    And I was going to use fright and train containers for my entry, but changed my mind. Great entry, Sylvia
    It seems like you are very well organized with your boxes โ€ฆ how does it feel for you to leave the house. ???

    • Thanks so much, Viveka. I’m a very organised person, so I’m not too worried about the packing, just about what might happen to it between here and Florida. It has to go into storage here for a few months, and anything could happen. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      • That I can understand …. when I moved back to Sweden from Belfast I use a removal company and good they where so good .. but they took it with truck all the way. No loading and unloading … from vessels .. and storage. The numbered every item and then I got a list so I knew exactly what was in what box. It was a piece of cake. Make sure you’re well covered with insurance.

  5. Wonderful response to the challenge. I found that one ship, with its cargo so close to its deck’s edge, to be a bit unnerving. Any kind of rough seas and I doubt many would stay on board.Hopefully, they know better than I. Hopefully.

    • Yes, it must be a very demanding job, Lynne. These are just a few containers in one bedroom. The real packing will start when the removals people arrive at the beginning of August. Apparently they will be here for three days. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  6. Hope your move goes a lot smoother than our from Utah to Oregon. Looks like you’re a lot more organized. Wishing you good luck! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  7. I love that first picture noting the Plimsoll line above the water. My latest story happens to focus on this! This line is also known as the Devil Seam which runs along the plank nearest the water line on the hull. This is where the saying comes from ‘Between the devil and the deep blue sea’!

  8. That was the first thought that came into my mind re containers. The Bahia de Algeciras is always full of them. Usually bunkering. So it was good to see someone else on the same wavelength.

  9. Oh yes, the joy of packing! I actually quite like it as it gives me an excuse to get rid of stuff I haven’t used since moving into a place. The OH is not so easy though, he wants to keep everything ‘just in case’. Good luck with the move and the new house in Florida ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I think I would enjoy seeing these big cargo chips out at sea. I guess for those to want to see far without any man made objects when come to the beach will be disappointed. Are they there all the time?

  11. Now that your furniture is gone (has it?) where are you staying?
    I have always been envious of your view of the ships as very few lie at anchor near Amanzimtoti.

    • No, our house is still very liveable. We still have a lot of furniture, and we’ve brought the patio set into our dining room. The proper removals only starts on August 4th, and that will all go into storage for a while until we move into our bigger house in Florida, after all the renovations are complete.

  12. The joys of moving, boxes, boxes everywhere and then they get packed in boxes called ‘containers’ on ships. Packing and unpacking is all the world seems to do these days. Produce it, pack it, store it, unpack it and pack it into warehouses, unpack it and pack it into stores, unpack it and pack it onto shelves where consumers unpacked it into their trolleys and after repacking at the till unpack it on their own shelves at home to unpack it when they want to use it. And everything goes into and out of containers of some sort, size or description. Oh well.

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