‘Zulu Tradition’ for Sue’s Word A Week Challenge.

For Sue’s photo challenge, ‘Tradition’, here’s my sister’s  portrait of a Zulu King in traditional dress. The shield which is made of Nguni cowhide, can be turned into an offensive weapon. Warriors were taught to catch their own shield behind that of their opponents in order to thrust it out of the way, exposing the warrior’s body to attack. Around his shoulders, he wears a cape, fashioned from cow tails. His amazing headdress has black feathers from the Sakabula (Long-tailed Widowbird), and white Ostrich plumes. In his right hand, he is holding the ‘Izinduku’, the traditional Zulu fighting stick.


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59 comments on “‘Zulu Tradition’ for Sue’s Word A Week Challenge.

  1. This is King Sobhuza II of the Royal Kingdom of eSwatini (aka Swaziland) in full Ncwala\Incwala dress. The Incwala ceremony is a ceremonial celebration of Kingship. The Incwala cannot be danced unless a King is on the throne. King Sobhuza, aka Ngwenyama wemaSwati is the world’s longest reigning monarch – 82 years 254 days. Today the Royal Kingdom is ruled by his son, Mswati III and the nation of Swaziland continues to enjoy peace and stability under a fusion of traditional and western government bodies. Should you wish to learn more about this fascinating individual – read the book titled Sobhuza II by Hilda Kuper (ISBN 0 7156 1185 2). Swaziland has always been independent of the Zulu natiom, although the 2 x nations have seen Royalarriages such as that of King Zweletini (Zululand) and Princess Mantfombi.

  2. Wow, what a portrait. Your sister must have put a lot of work into it, it looks so life-like. The crinkles on his face really stands out 😀 He looks like one wise man, as wise as Rafiki 😀

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