An Assortment of Circles and Curves for Cee’s FFC

I have a few pics for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week. So many objects are round, or simple curved, and this little fairy toadstool in my MiL’s garden, seems to perfectly fit the bill.


This vibrant piece of Ardmore ceramic art, always catches my eye when I visit my sister.


This gorgeous Christmas snow-globe ornament was in the foyer of a hotel we stayed in on our journey from Florida to New Jersey, last December.


On one of my walks up the hill into the village, I saw that someone had planted a sapling in the grass, and decided it needed a bit of curved metal rod to protect it. The cute yellow bows reminded me of that old song “Tie a  yellow ribbon round the old oak tree.”


Of course, I have to include something from one of my beach walks here. Set into the concrete on our pier, there are several fish shapes made of ceramics, and I think my toes are also a bit curved. 🙂


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65 comments on “An Assortment of Circles and Curves for Cee’s FFC

  1. Oh snow globes and magic mushrooms .. I’m hooked into your post … I can never resist picking one up and shaking it 😉
    Fantastic Sylvia .

  2. What a great assortment and perfect for the challenge! Without that curved metal and yellow bows, that little sapling wouldn’t stand a chance. 🙂

  3. Morning Sylvia, what a beautiful colorful post! 🙂
    I love that song about the oak tree. 🙂 As for the snow globes I love them!! Ohhh and your curved toes. Hahaha Very pretty. Huge hug, Paula xxxx

  4. OMP I ❤ the pictures – especially the first one. I need to find one like that. It would look perfect in my magical backyard. Awesome! XOXO – Bacon

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