WPC Dialogue: Too cold to swim

For the Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Dialogue’, I chose these two photos taken at the deserted pool area of the Oyster Box Hotel, because they both tell the same story.


“It’s winter here, and day or night, the water is far too chilly for anyone to be tempted in for a swim.”


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Floral Friday: A Glamorous Epiphyte

Last Saturday we met some really special friends for breakfast at the Makaranga Lodge up in Kloof. The gardens, where I photographed the amazing ‘Soul Mates’ sculpture for my Silent Sunday’s post, are so beautiful. This orchid growing on the trunk of a Coral tree, just caught my eye, and I had to snap the memory.


Wishing you all a very happy weekend.

Sunday Stills Challenge: Alcohol….and me

Ed’s Sunday Stills Challenge this week, is ‘Alcohol’.

I’m usually a ‘one glass of white wine’ girl, and if I do have more than two glasses when we’re out to dinner, I’m likely to find myself in this sort of situation. This wasn’t my first time, and I hope it won’t be the last. It’s scary at the time, but quite fun to think about after the event.

Serenading hubby with 'I Remember You' at our 40th Anniversary dinner.

Serenading hubby with ‘I Remember You,’ at our 40th Anniversary dinner.

I do enjoy the occasional cocktail, and have been known to have more than one.


A couple of cocktails plus a glass of wine, can result in photos like this.


I haven’t drunk whiskey since my college days, which is just as well, but a few years ago, we were driving from New York to Florida, and decided that as we were passing very close by the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, we may as well pay it a visit to see just how whiskey is made.


The Barrel House with row upon row of oak barrels full of  maturing whiskey, was an impressive sight.


Here is the real deal, waiting to be shipped.


Jack, who was only 5′ 2″ tall, was high up on a pedestal, which makes him look a bit more imposing than he would have if we’d been standing side by side.


There were no free samples, as Lynchburg is a ‘dry’ county, so all we got at the end of the tour was a glass of lemonade. If you would like to see more photos, meet ‘Big Bubba’, and read more about my tour, you can click here.

Do any of you remember Frank Ifield’s 1962 version of the song which I sang to hubby? I’ve been listening to it while I was writing my post. It brought back such happy memories. As I can’t yodel like Frank, I chose to sing it more Dianne Krall style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgm0KNICGcU

Wishing you all a splendid Thursday.


Wordless Wednesday: Waiting for the Big One?

The waves were very rough yesterday, and I allowed myself a wry smile when I saw this guy standing on the rocks, wearing leather shoes and long trousers.


Seconds after I’d taken my photo, he was scrambling down the rocks and running like mad across the sand, in order to avoid getting totally drenched. I’m sure his shoes and socks got a good soaking though.


Montego Bay Lobsters for Ailsa Travel Theme ‘Orange’

A few years ago, we spent an idyllic week in a beautiful fully-catered villa, overlooking Montego Bay at Roundhill in Jamaica. Here is Luanne our chef,  proudly showing us what she’d bought for our supper one evening. They were so delicious.


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Frayed Weaving, for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

The WPC this week, is Fray, which can mean, “unravelled, or worn at the edge”, as with this Weaver bird’s nest. The nest is built with great care, solely by the male weaver, hoping to attract a mate.


He first frays and strips the palm fronds,


and then weaves them intricately, to form a funnel-shaped nest.


When he’s finished his masterpiece, he attempts to attract females by hanging upside down from his creation, whilst calling, and fluttering his wings. Unfortunately, the female of the species can be very ungrateful, and more often than not, is most scathing about his nest-building skills. She tells him so in no uncertain terms, and he then has to build a new nest from scratch, hoping against hope that this one will pass the test. This exercise can be repeated anything up to 4 or 5 times, so I guess that poor male weaver’s nerves must get somewhat ‘frayed’ around the edges during the whole operation.


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Florida Water Birds for ‘Feathers on Friday’.

I’m so excited that we’ll soon be heading back to our home in Florida. We’ll be going via England, in order to visit my MiL, who at 101 is still fighting fit. I’m so looking forward to seeing her again, and then after our visit with her, we’ll be on our way to Miami. Or tickets are all booked and seats reserved, so we’ll soon be flying out of here. Wouldn’t it be great to have our own wings like these beautiful water birds which feature quite a lot in my Florida posts? Here are just a few of the feathered friends I’ve been missing, for Charlotte’s ‘Feathers on Friday Challenge’.

American White Ibis

American White Ibis

Anhinga or Snake Bird

Anhinga or Snake Bird

Roseate Spoonbill.

Roseate Spoonbill.

Great Egret

Great Egret

Wood Stork

Wood Stork

Don't forget the little Mottled Ducks.

Don’t forget the cute  Mottled Ducks.

The 'King of the Pond'....Mr. Great Blue Heron.

The ‘King of the Pond’….Mr. Great Blue Heron.

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‘Monkey Business’ for Michelle’s Pet Challenge.

We have rather a lot of monkeys here in South Africa, and down here at the coast, the Vervets are seemingly, everywhere. Yesterday, I was sitting at my computer…..blogging of course, when I sensed that I was NOT alone. Turning my head slightly, I was just in time to see two cheeky monkeys on their merry way to my fruit bowl. As I stood up to ‘greet’ them, they turned tail and fled out onto the patio. There was a whole troupe of them in the garden, probably about twenty in all, but I couldn’t get them to pose for a family group photo.


This one seemed to be a bit of a loner, but I think he was busy working out a strategy.


He ambled around the plant pots, probably thinking of my bananas sitting on the kitchen top, and figuring out whether there was a chance that he could get back into the house, now that I’d been lured outside.


Another one decided to feign nonchalance, and pretend that he hadn’t seen me. “See no evil. ”


His little sister tried her best to distract me with her pole dancing act,


whilst the sentry monkey, stationed on the wall opposite, kept a look out for marauding humans.


I thought I had the situation under control, but suddenly got quite a fright when something landed on the awning right above my head. It sounded like an elephant,  but fortunately it was only another monkey, and I was treated to a shadow and light show.

Whilst were on the subject of monkeys, here’s another monkey mural from the Oyster Box Hotel.


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