One last “Hurrah” for my Hibiscus on Floral Friday.

As we locked the door to our house for the last time on Wednesday, the Hibiscus in the three pots alongside our front path, waved goodbye to me. They promised to stay healthy and to always to be there,Β  welcoming the new owner every time she returns home, just as they’ve done for us for so many years.



I will of course have to plant some exactly the same in our Florida garden.

We’re gradually getting used to our temporary accommodation, but have almost driven into the driveway of our old house a few times, as it’s only a few metres up the road. Wishing you all a splendid weekend.

62 comments on “One last “Hurrah” for my Hibiscus on Floral Friday.

  1. It is lovely to know that flowers we leave behind will bless others with their grace and beauty isn’t it? And also lovely to know that you get to plant new ones to keep blessing you… πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Sue. The new owner is a single lady, and apparently she hasn’t even been to look at the house since we handed the keys to the agent yesterday. The only time she’s seen it, is the night before she put in the offer to purchase, about 3 months ago. I’m guessing that she and her family will be round there this weekend.

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