Textures from the seaside for the WPC

“…vicinity to the sea is desirable, because it is easier to do nothing by the sea than anywhere else, and because bathing and basking on the shore cannot be considered an employment but only an apotheosis of loafing.  ~ E. F. Benson


As I’m still living here at the beach, I decided that a bit of sea and sand would do well for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

I’m sure that most of us are familiar with the gritty texture of sand, and would agree that nothing spells relaxation, quite like the feel of sand between our toes.

IMG_5044The ever-changing texture of ocean waves is always a good subject for photos.

IMG_5054The many rocks lining the coast here, are covered in small barnacles, which give them a really rough texture.


I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to my beach here in Umhlanga Rocks. To see more entries for the WPC, just click on the badge .




51 comments on “Textures from the seaside for the WPC

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  2. Beautiful beach you’re lounging on there. 🙂
    I’m hoping the sea weed we’ve had here lately will go somewhere else soon.
    Enjoyed at least looking at a nice, clean white beach.

      • Yes, I’m sure it must have. Leith was the actual place. I remember my mom teaching us that tongue twister. Just try to say it fast. 😀

        “The Leith police dismisseth us,
        They thought we sought to stay;
        The Leith police dismisseth us,
        They thought we’d stay all day.”
        The Leith police dismisseth us,
        We both sighed sighs apiece;
        And the sighs that we sighed as we said goodbye
        Were the size of the Leith police.” 🙂

  3. Lovely photos. It really does look very relaxing there and such a lovely blue ocean. I live high up and can see the sea from my bedroom window from over the rooftops. It’s near enough to inspire but not within near walking distance, meaning I get some work done!

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