Wordless Wednesday: What’s For Lunch?

These pics don’t really need any words, do they? No dinner for me tonight!

(Click on pics to see the full catastrophe.)



(Does anyone know what this “Beep beep boop” thing is that now pops up when I want to edit my post?) 😕


66 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: What’s For Lunch?

  1. The beep beep is dumb and the changes thrust on us with zero warning.
    Supposed improvements, ha. Guess it gives people jobs but the beep beep reminds me of the roadrunner cartoon

    (Lunch looked grand)

  2. Not too sure about the chips but that sandwich looks heavenly and out of this world. I’m guessing that’s cheddar cheese? I usually prefer Old English or Tasty Cheese with my sandwiches. Very wise to balance something very savoury with something very sweet 🙂

      • When I discovered this, was only ’cause I wanted to change the setting from “image” to “standard” on the post – and that was undoable so it gave me much more work to hit the adminpanel and do it that way. Irritating!

  3. I’ll have that lunch, thank you, but not the “beep, beep, boop” thing. It hasn’t happened on my blog. Perhaps you should mention it in the WordPress forum and see if anyone has anything to say there. If not, report it to the tech geeks as they’re very prompt at sorting out glitches.

    • The lunch was scrumptious. I think the “beep beep boop” is probably some tech geek’s idea of fun. I’ll just have to get used to it. Things are always changing on WP, and I can’t understand why there is the need, when it was working perfectly well without it. 😕

  4. Sylvia your lunch looks delicious. Can you be more specific about the pop up? My guess is that it has nothing to do with WP bit is a spam pop up. I have not seen it on my WP app or on my full version on the computer.

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