Silhouettes on Sunset Beach, Hawaii.

This photo came to mind when I saw that the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, is ‘Silhouette’. It was taken from the perfect spot, as we sat just behind these two palm trees, patiently waiting for the sun to set.


Isn’t it amazing how a single photo can bring back a flood of happy memories? Now I’m off to the Oyster Box to make a few more. Have a wonderful weekend.



56 comments on “Silhouettes on Sunset Beach, Hawaii.

  1. How tall are those palm trees? Your pictures really draw attention to their long slim trunks. I have a miniature houseplant of those proportions. At sunrise, it casts the most fascinating shadows on my living room wall.

  2. I love sunsets and photograph them. Yours is a great shot and in Hawaii to boot! I do too looked at all photos and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. One day when Im not to busy with our travel I will participate in the weekly challenge. Im sure I have a lot to share in my arsenal.

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