‘Monkey Business’ for Michelle’s Pet Challenge.

We have rather a lot of monkeys here in South Africa, and down here at the coast, the Vervets are seemingly, everywhere. Yesterday, I was sitting at my computer…..blogging of course, when I sensed that I was NOT alone. Turning my head slightly, I was just in time to see two cheeky monkeys on their merry way to my fruit bowl. As I stood up to ‘greet’ them, they turned tail and fled out onto the patio. There was a whole troupe of them in the garden, probably about twenty in all, but I couldn’t get them to pose for a family group photo.


This one seemed to be a bit of a loner, but I think he was busy working out a strategy.


He ambled around the plant pots, probably thinking of my bananas sitting on the kitchen top, and figuring out whether there was a chance that he could get back into the house, now that I’d been lured outside.


Another one decided to feign nonchalance, and pretend that he hadn’t seen me. “See no evil. ”


His little sister tried her best to distract me with her pole dancing act,


whilst the sentry monkey, stationed on the wall opposite, kept a look out for marauding humans.


I thought I had the situation under control, but suddenly got quite a fright when something landed on the awning right above my head. It sounded like an elephant,Β  but fortunately it was only another monkey, and I was treated to a shadow and light show.

Whilst were on the subject of monkeys, here’s another monkey mural from the Oyster Box Hotel.


To join in the fun, just click on the badge below. Your own pets, or any other animals, qualify for this fun challenge.


68 comments on “‘Monkey Business’ for Michelle’s Pet Challenge.

  1. They are cute but only from a distance. The ones we have here are pretty aggressive especially in a group. Love the mural and the one in the previous post.

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  3. They are so adorable Sylvia and it’s so much fun watching them. You captured them so beautifully and I love the ‘shadow’ shots. Ours also gives me a fright when they jump on the gazebo. LOL! If you have a big yard you can always make a spot away from the house for them and give them fruit or peanuts. That way they won’t bother coming into the house. Some people here make the mistake by feeding them from their windows and doors. Mine just come to the front door to ‘tell’ me they are ‘here’ and that they want their treats. Or they just wait paitiently on the wall until I come out. Great share hon! πŸ˜€ β™₯ Hugs β™₯

  4. Golly, that’s outrageous that they are coming into your house! Maybe you should have a dog to keep guard?!
    They ARE great photos, though – perhaps they are just looking for attention!
    Emma πŸ™‚

  5. Those Monkeys are quite clever. I remember once many years ago how they tried to steal my little dog’s puppies. They would distract her on one end whilst the others would try and take the puppies on the other end of the stoop. Thanks for your entry ad πŸ™‚

  6. Oh my goodness, you were absolutely INVADED! What sneaks, sashaying right inside! They just couldn’t wait to pilfer that fruit the little rascals- what a stitch. I could NOT stop chortling, checkling and grinning away at this brilliant post. TOO funny. So well-written, and the photos!!

    This reminded me of an experience my cousin, with fire-coloured hair, experienced in Mexico. He was ambling along rather innocently, about to nest on a rock in order to enjoy a viand he had brought along on his hike when he too became aware of…another presence…Suddenly, he was surrounded. A torrent of squeaky, long-snouted creatures were crawling about him, in his lap and swiftly relieving him of his treat…for some reason, this prompted him to flee. The creatures followed with smiling eyes. Glancing behind him, he could see a flurry ringed tails happily poised high in the air as at least 90 small mammals pursued him. All right, perhaps it was about 20…

    Naturally, I pressed him about the identity of these creatures, ignoring his obvious distress at recalling the traumatizing event. I callously interrogated without a care. The best description he gave was a squeaky badger creature… Well this did not help. Then he produced a video a local had taken of the same gang invading his yard like a pack of avid squirrels. I instantly recognized the dear tropical raccoon relatives- coatis!!! In an absolute thrill, I began spouting all kinds of “glorious and fantastically interesting” coati facts at my cousin upon this discovery as he promptly went to sleep.

    I still cannot get over the shadow show and the pole dancing…TOO blasted funny! Brilliant post, thanks so much for the laugh. How vividly I could see it all unfolding in my mind!

    P.S. Since I am at it, here is a video you might like of a coati-barrage- terrorizing torrents of monkeys there in South Africa, great heathen hurricanes of coatis in Mexico, and here…in Florida…

    Well, the other day a woman not far from where I live heard a knock at the door, and, getting up from her Jeopardy programme, came to the door to see who had come calling on her. She opened the door wide open only to be met by the two smiling, saurian eyes of a 6-foot gator. For some reason, instead of going for her camera as any sane person like myself would, she instead quickly shut the door…and THEN called a trapper. What?! Well, the languid trapper arrived. After some efforts, a gator was obtained. The woman inspected the fine little reptile and bugled, “NOPE that’s not the one that came knocking on my door!”

    The hunt continues. Door-knocking gator is still at large.

    (My suspicion is the fine ancient creature ambled onto the porch, curious, perhaps seeking sun-baked patio pavement, and he noticed a lizard and went for it- lizard taunting through the screen inspired him to keep lunging. I also suspect the tiny gator was indeed the true culprit)

    I really did NOT mean to write all this! OH DEAR my apologies! You got me going with all those cheeky monkeys! Anyhow, here is a little coati video I found! Cheers!

    Oh all right, here is the official gator story told by the woman herself, as well-

    Smiling Toad

  7. I never saw any monkeys in the suburbs when I lived in Cape Town, maybe they don’t live down there. Not sure how I’d feel about them trying to get inside my house. I suspect they can give quite a bite!

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