Wordless Wednesday: Waiting for the Big One?

The waves were very rough yesterday, and I allowed myself a wry smile when I saw this guy standing on the rocks, wearing leather shoes and long trousers.


Seconds after I’d taken my photo, he was scrambling down the rocks and running like mad across the sand, in order to avoid getting totally drenched. I’m sure his shoes and socks got a good soaking though.


60 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Waiting for the Big One?

  1. …and you didn’t get the shot of his mad scramble out of the wave? How could you miss an opportunity like that? I keep waiting to catch one of our tourists getting soaked. 😀 Though it can also be quite dangerous. There are signs posted everywhere never to turn your back on the sea.

  2. Standing on the rock and see big waves splashing could be things that draw your attention. I can understand that he stayed that way until the danger came. Nice capture and the story.

  3. Wonderful captured, if one know sea signals well – then it’s a typical “pumping iron” attitude which sea do – then we all have to take care – among the most instructive thing is water in the shoes especially leather shoes … 😀

  4. Looks like the cold front is going to hit you soon. I’m sure you guys are going to freeze in the 23 degree weather that you’ll most probably experience 😉

    • Thanks so much, Terri. Yes, the sea colours are quite amazing at times. The sand was really getting churned up too, and you can the sandy colour closer in. I hope his shoes have recovered from the ordeal. 🙂

  5. Maybe he is waiting something of that ship. or, he’s just enjoying the sea nature 🙂
    The blue sky, sea and the foam of the sea. I feel ….”free” 😀
    Nice seascape shot Sylvia, fantastic!

  6. I remember a couple of summers back I went to the Oregon coast and found the waves so fantastic I took shots by the pier, then without even realizing it I got sploshed and got soaked through with salt water, oof! never again! :O

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