Sunday Stills Challenge: Alcohol….and me

Ed’s Sunday Stills Challenge this week, is ‘Alcohol’.

I’m usually a ‘one glass of white wine’ girl, and if I do have more than two glasses when we’re out to dinner, I’m likely to find myself in this sort of situation. This wasn’t my first time, and I hope it won’t be the last. It’s scary at the time, but quite fun to think about after the event.

Serenading hubby with 'I Remember You' at our 40th Anniversary dinner.

Serenading hubby with ‘I Remember You,’ at our 40th Anniversary dinner.

I do enjoy the occasional cocktail, and have been known to have more than one.


A couple of cocktails plus a glass of wine, can result in photos like this.


I haven’t drunk whiskey since my college days, which is just as well, but a few years ago, we were driving from New York to Florida, and decided that as we were passing very close by the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, we may as well pay it a visit to see just how whiskey is made.


The Barrel House with row upon row of oak barrels full of  maturing whiskey, was an impressive sight.


Here is the real deal, waiting to be shipped.


Jack, who was only 5′ 2″ tall, was high up on a pedestal, which makes him look a bit more imposing than he would have if we’d been standing side by side.


There were no free samples, as Lynchburg is a ‘dry’ county, so all we got at the end of the tour was a glass of lemonade. If you would like to see more photos, meet ‘Big Bubba’, and read more about my tour, you can click here.

Do any of you remember Frank Ifield’s 1962 version of the song which I sang to hubby? I’ve been listening to it while I was writing my post. It brought back such happy memories. As I can’t yodel like Frank, I chose to sing it more Dianne Krall style.

Wishing you all a splendid Thursday.


97 comments on “Sunday Stills Challenge: Alcohol….and me

  1. I like your style, Sylvia. It takes a lot of courage to get up there and sing. I know you play piano which gives you a good ear for music.
    How does it transfer over to singing?
    We experienced many nights of listening to Karaoke on our cruise. There were quite a few that were real good. It was as if they had practiced before the cruise so they could perform well. Of course, a little beverage can have helped build courage … can’t it? There was an older gentleman who was married to a very young woman who couldn’t sing his love song praises enough to her. Yes, I believe she was a cougar.
    My hubby sang Karaoke once with a future son-in-law after a few cocktails. It was hilarious. He doesn’t drink at all. If he smells alcohol he gets tipsy. Me …. well, I enjoy a bit of the drink.
    Belated Anniversary Wishes for a future filled with armful of hugs and love.
    ❤ hugs ❤

  2. Hmmm …. you do talk about alcohol a good amount of times on your posts. 😀 Can I request for a video of you performing? 😀 Sylvia, nice “shots” – Ha! :).

  3. Great shots of you! I knew you belonged on stage…and serenading! I would never have dared to…One glass of red and i fall asleep, but white – two, three is quite OK! Whiskey I tasted in Scotland now, and I’m surprised you didn’t even get a sip on your tour.

  4. Excellent story and photographs. For better or worse alcohol does not agree with me so apart from special occasions I avoid it. Frank Ifield…yep, a memorable part of my musical upbringing….wonderful voice…thanks for reminding me.

  5. ROFL at Roughseas’ comment……sent me back for a closer look at Tarzan!! 😀
    I can’t imagine myself belting out a serenade in that condition! You are amazing lady….and you look stunning in that red dress! Happy anniversary 🙂

  6. I kind of expected that video link to be YOU singing that song 🙂 Your distillery pics remind me of my tour of a whiskey production place in Scotland and there is a story to tell about tasting the samples…I should really do that post soon.

  7. I am still chuckling. Alcohol does make us brave, but I bet you’ve got a great voice without the imbibing, and I’m sure hubby loved every moment of it. Love the coordinated Tarzan look, although he looks a little tired. 🙂

  8. I didn’t know Jack was only 5’2″ … and aren’t the pockets of dry counties in the US interesting. A clink of the glasses to your 40th anniversary and to serenading hubby … and clink again during the second round.

  9. Hello Sylvia :D. Thank you for the entertaining post :D. I am still belly laughing. When I first saw the title it gave me chills, and I said to myself – no, not Sylvia!!! 😆 Tell me, when did I miss your 40th anniversary. I miss all the important events lately. Btw you are a knockout in that red dress!!! (will remember to click on you tube link when I get home) xx

  10. Well done for serenading…. I guess I would have needed more than one glass to do this. And I am a one glass wine girl too…..2 glasses and I am anybody’s hehe.
    There are lot of distilleries in Scotland too, but I never visited one, looks interesting. Thanks for the tour!

  11. You should have toured the distilleries of Kentucky, my fave is Makers Mark or Jim Beam. So you got married at 12, right? 😉

    Hava great weekend and in that dress the song should have been ” The Lady in Red” by Chris DeBerg..

  12. i giggled my way through this post, Sylvia. It’s brilliant! I’ve also sung in public, but only after a glass of wine. I would have loved to have heard you sing ‘I Remember You’ and ‘Fly Me to The Moon’ – I could imagine (with your talent and your family’s talent) that you would be a wonderful singer. My favourite when I get up in front of the microphone is ‘Dream a Little Dream’ 😀

  13. Love the photos and the narrative on one of my favourite themes, lol 🙂 I remember ‘that’ one of know the one I mean 😉 I can’t bear whiskey but all the rest? I’ll join you with a cheers, you know me! And how wonderful that you serenaded hubby like that. Sylvia, you are one brave lady and you look beautiful. I bet hubby was absolutely thrilled 🙂 xx

  14. So sweet of you to celebrate Hubby with a song ! … You look absolutely stunning on that photo … And your dress is gorgeous …

    I love blended whiskey … Not those who are smokey and taste like a new tarred boat … My absolute favourite is the Scottich 21 years Glengoyne … // Maria 🙂

  15. How interesting – but how strange it must have been, to get to the end of your tour and then have lemonade to refresh you!
    I don’t know Ilfield’s song, but it is a lovely photo – and such a romantic thing to do!
    Emma 🙂

  16. Someone’s going to ask so it might as well be me? Where’s your right hand in the third photo?

    We’ve done a few Scottish distilleries in the Hebrides. I like some single malts, but I don’t normally drink spirits. I stick to lighter tipples.

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