The real story behind my B&W ‘hospital’ pics.

Okay, so I was very naughty yesterday, when I only showed you the rather clinical pics I took of the Oyster Box Hotel. What I failed to mention, was that it was an outdoor corridor, and if one looks over to the left, one can see this beautiful scene. (Just ignore the ugly high-rise buildings that have made an unwelcome appearance over the last few years.)


Assuming you don’t suffer from vertigo, you could look down and see this charming courtyard, lined with palm trees.


The mural at the one end, features cheeky monkeys, and for very good reason, as there are so many of them around.


Looking straight across, you’ll be able to watch the yellow Weaver birds busily building and re-building their nests. (Click on the pics to enlarge.)

Just around the corner from here, is the Lighthouse Bar, where we decided to try a couple of cocktails before dinner. Hubby ordered a ‘Lighthouse Heaven’ and mine was a very potent ‘Umshlanga Shling.”


There is so much local artwork all around the hotel, and interesting sculptures too. It’s almost like an art gallery.

What do you think of these quirky red chairs? Unusual to say the least.


Looking down from the first floor, one can see the Palm Court restaurant, which is where high tea is served.


I almost forgot about the amazing reception lounge. It’s style is a mix of old Colonial and African contemporary, with black and white tiled floors, oriental carpets, mirrored walls, and gorgeous furniture.


The original 1950’s staircase with its marble steps and carved wooden balustrade, winds it’s way up to the red and white themed Lighthouse bar, where in 2012, Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Charlene, partied before their wedding .


Our room was really beautiful, with a very comfortable king size bed, feather pillows, gorgeous marble bathroom, and a balcony overlooking the ocean and lighthouse. There’s me, sipping my champagne at the start of the fun,

IMG_5518and here’s hubby, wearing his red and white ‘lighthouse’ dressing gown, enjoying his first coffee on Sunday morning, before going down to a really sumptuous breakfast. We were so spoilt. What a great birthday present it was.


I think that’s enough for one post, but I just had to show you that I didn’t really stay in a hospital for the weekend. I didn’t want you all feeling sorry for me. 🙂

Black and White Tuesday: Hotel or Hospital?

Our weekend at The Oyster Box Hotel, provided lots of photo opportunities. As we walked down the passageway on our way to breakfast, I couldn’t help remarking that the scene before us looked more like a hospital then a luxury hotel.

These photos were taken in colour, if you can believe it.


I thought to myself, how nice it would be to have the room staff dressed in red and white uniform, to match the lighthouse. In this pic, you can see a teensy-weensy bit of colour.


A Playfulness of Dolphins.

Our hotel room with a view, afforded us a splendid vista of the Indian Ocean, and Sunday was a good day for dolphin spotting.

Isn’t it true that the sight of even one dolphin fin, can bring a smile to our faces? Where there is one, there are sure to be more.


Dolphins are very social creatures, and a joy to watch as they frolic in the waves, with not a care in the world.

DSCN9139“Man has always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much … the wheel, New York, wars, and so on … while all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man … for precisely the same reason.” ~ Douglas Adams


“The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man, it is to know that, and to wonder at it.” ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau

DSCN9144Just another of my happy memories which were made this last weekend.

When morning gilds the skies, for Ailsa’s Travel Theme.

I’m back home again after our super mini vacation. I’ll tell you more about it next week, with photos, but I just have to share my sunrise photos from today, and link to Ailsa’s Horizon Travel Theme.

I’m not usually an early riser, but today I happened to wake up at 6am, so crept out of bed and onto the balcony without waking hubby. I managed to open both the shutters and the sliding door without making a noise. I was so proud of myself. 🙂

Here’s what I saw:

The sun was just a tiny spec on the horizon.

The sun had only just woken up too, and was only a tiny spec.

Then it started to rise up out of the Indian ocean.

Then it started to rise up out of the Indian ocean, like a UFO on fire.

Then it spread its rosy glow a bit further across the horizon.

It soon started to spread its rosy glow across the horizon.

Sun up! Time to wake hubby and get ready for breakfast.

Then all of a sudden, it was ‘Sun up’! Time to wake hubby, and get ready for a sumptuous breakfast.

There's nothing quite like a sunrise over the Indian Ocean.

There’s nothing quite like a sunrise over the Indian Ocean.

I hope you’ve all had as enjoyable a weekend as I have.

Silhouettes on Sunset Beach, Hawaii.

This photo came to mind when I saw that the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, is ‘Silhouette’. It was taken from the perfect spot, as we sat just behind these two palm trees, patiently waiting for the sun to set.


Isn’t it amazing how a single photo can bring back a flood of happy memories? Now I’m off to the Oyster Box to make a few more. Have a wonderful weekend.



A cute black Scottie came visiting today.

Michelle has a Weekly Pet Challenge, where she invites us to post pics of our pets, or any other animals.

This morning, we had the sweetest little visitor. He had come for a nose around to see who was living here.


I grabbed my iPhone just as he turned tail and toddled off into the bushes. Obviously he didn’t find us very interesting.


A while later, I spotted him again, so went outside for a chat. Now the only bit of Scottish I know, is “Hoots mon” and “Och aye the noo,” but he just sat and stared blankly back at me. Maybe my accent wasn’t quite right.


He did allow me to pat him for a while, before rushing off to do a great impersonation of a ‘whirling dervish’, on the grass. Round and round he rolled, this way and that,


until I thought he must be quite dizzy.


But nothing of the sort. He jumped back onto all fours, and nonchalantly wandered over to inspect one of the garden sprays.


Then, without so much as a backward glance at me, waiting to get a full face photo, he disappeared off round the corner, never to be see again.


I suppose there’s always tomorrow. I will keep a look out for him.

Wishing you all a great weekend. Hubby and I are off to stay at ‘The Oyster Box Hotel’ just up the road.


Some of you may remember that this was my daughter’s birthday present to me, and we’re so looking forward to it. We’ve booked for the dinner dance tomorrow evening, but it will seem a bit strange, packing a case and checking into a hotel only two miles away. Have you ever done such a thing?



Thursday’s Windows: Vatican Sphere within Sphere.

For Dawn’s ‘Lingering Windows Challenge’ #33, I have an image of a couple of windows in the Vatican museum, which overlook the first ‘Sfera con Sfera’ which was commissioned in 1991 for the ‘Cortile della Pigna’. Award winning sculptor, Arnaldo Pomodoro has created thirteen different versions of this bronze sculpture, which are located all around the world, and there has been much controversy over  their meaning and significance. This one is 4m in diameter, and if you click to enlarge the image, you will see more windows reflected in its surface, and maybe I’m being fanciful, but all those little rectangles look to me, very like windows looking out at us.


To read more about these sculptures, you can click here.

My roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown.

Finally, last week, the roofing contractor started work on replacing the roof of our house in Florida. When we were looking to buy a house there three years ago, we saw this one and really liked it.

7884 Bridlington 2

Unfortunately it was a bank repossession, and to negotiate to buy it would have been a very long term thing, so we bought another house instead. This house had been abandoned by the owner, because he couldn’t afford to get the roof repaired after it was damaged in a hurricane. Three years later, just before we left to come back to South Africa for six months, we learned that it was still standing empty, and that the bank had, in the meantime, turned down a couple of offers on it. We decided to try putting in an offer to purchase, and to persevere until we got the bank to sell to us. Of course, by this time, the roof was in a much worse condition; some of the ceilings had collapsed, and the poor house looked quite a wreck inside.


It was the wonderful view from the lounge which really waved to us.


In May, after lots of haggling over the price, we were overjoyed to hear that the bank had finally decided to accept our offer. Of course, the first thing to do once we got possession, was to organise to get the roof replaced. We chose a contractor and hubby got all the necessary permits sorted out, but because of torrential rains, the roofing guy only managed to complete the other jobs he had, last week.

We were so excited when he sent us a message to say that he had actually started work on ours, and he sent us a few photos of the progress.

The clay tiles are being delivered today, so the job should soon be completed and we can heave a huge sigh of relief. I’ll no longer have to sing this song every time I look at the weather for Florida, and see that it’s raining again. 🙂

A great weekend job. This is the life.

“This is the life,” is what came to mind when I passed by this scene yesterday. I’m sure these guys really enjoy coming to work, even at the weekends. Our lifeguards are all ready for action at their temporary station, should the need arise.


I went to see how the new lifeguard tower is coming along, as it’s supposed to be finished by October this year.


Disappointingly, no progress has been made at all since it was demolished a few weeks ago, so it would seem that they’ll be operating from this platform for quite a while.