He’s back! Mr. GBH just flew in.

I’m so relieved to see my gorgeous Great Blue Heron is still around. I thought he’d deserted me, but he must have heard that we were back here again. Now all is right with my world.


Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday.

67 comments on “He’s back! Mr. GBH just flew in.

  1. So happy for you Sylvia…now you really know you are back home and some πŸ™‚ xx PS I must say that Mr GBH is looking more handsome than ever and since I’m catching up with you in reverse order, I’m so relieved that he is keeping well away from Mr Smiley πŸ˜‰

  2. I found him here… sitting with my flamingos for company… told him you’d returned… he was surprised at your timing, but told me he’d be heading back to find his friend… glad he arrived safely…

  3. I understand. He’s my totem bird, and many other people’s too, I know. I love him wherever I see him, but when you get used to seeing a particular bird in your place and they disappear for a time, it’s worrisome. And mysterious, isn’t it? But all is well!

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