45 comments on “Wood Storks go stalking three by three.

  1. Storks we have to here in SkΓ₯ne too. For many years they were worried about the few that was left – but now they have increased. So maybe more babies can be delivered to us Swedes – we are a bit short of them. *smile Beautiful image. You have some view.
    How is the old house getting on – have you flatten it yet ????

  2. WordPress de followed you again!! What is it? Such a flipping pain 😦

    Amazed with your house piccies, I thought I took on ‘projects’! That looks like a nightmare. Does the river flood?

    • We haven’t experienced a big storm here, but I’m sure we will at stage. Our new roof is hurricane proof, and most windows too. The houses are all brick built too, not wood frame like in some parts of the US.

  3. The birds here are amazing!

    Yesterday, I went outside and saw a spoonbill. a great blue heron, a cormorant, an ibis, an egret, and a smaller heron. All sitting around our lagoon. Last week, we had some wood storks parading by . . . like Groucho Marx, sans the cigar.

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