Elegant visitors fly in for the weekend.

A very welcome visitor to the water’s edge here, is this Great Egret. I spotted him early this morning, surveying the lake from his vantage point on top of the neighbour’s roof.


These birds are such elegant creatures, tall and slender, and pure white in color, with a long ‘S’ shaped neck and stilt-like black legs.


Their long, sharp bills are used to spear their prey, once it comes within striking distance.


Measuring three feet in height and with a four-foot wingspan, the Great Egret is one of the largest members of the heron family, second in size only to the Great Blue Heron, who,  I’m happy to say, has also become a regular visitor since our return here. He’s so handsome, and he knows it.






54 comments on “Elegant visitors fly in for the weekend.

  1. I’m always fascinated when I see them enjoying the lake behind my home.
    We had a couple that would come by often. Eventually , a small one started to
    accompany them. We decided it was their off spring. Magestic … your photos have
    captured that. 😀

  2. Sylvia, stunningly beautiful bird … we have quite a few of them in our county, but they are the smaller grey. Never seen them sitting up on a roof top before. That last image .. can feel how soft it’s feathers is. Lovely post. Have a great weekend.

    • also – I just recently learned how to add images to a comment – but for some reason it did not work on the reply to you but it worked elsewhere this week. But what you need to do is upload the image to your media gallery – then click on edit image and get the URL for it – but it has to be the file URL…

      let me see if it works here:

  3. Florida is for the birds! We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy these majestic beauties on a regular basis now that their plumes are not plucked for hats!

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