Descending the spiral staircase for this week’s WPC

Whilst visiting Rome in 2011, we  had a delicious four-course dinner at The Cabiria Restaurant on the Via Veneto. We ate our meal up on the roof terrace overlooking the city, whilst being serenaded by a wonderful guitarist and singer. At the end of the evening, there was a long line of people waiting for the elevator which could take only seven  at a time, so a few of us opted to go down this spiral staircase. It was a very steep and winding descent….. 186 steps. Fortunately I’d only had only one glass of wine, so made it safely to the bottom.



66 comments on “Descending the spiral staircase for this week’s WPC

  1. I just love it when such thought is given to what is usually considered the most mundane of a building’s necessities. Yes, all multi-story buildings have stairwells but this is one you won’t soon forget.

  2. Great moving photo, I love that. Gives it a really wonderful dimension. And you are right Sylvia, good job you did only have one glass of wine, that staircase looks like work, but your meal sounds divine, what a fantastic setting 🙂

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  4. So it is not you in the stairs? Sounds like a lovely evening – and it’s indeed a descent…Just think what just one glass lf wine can do! If you had taken more maybe you would never have seen these marvellous stairs.

  5. Makes me dizzy just looking at it.
    Your comment about wine in relation to the spiral staircase reminds me of something I once wrote about the difficulty of guiding a drunken medieval knight from a banqueting hall, up the castle’s spiral stairway to the guest chambers up in the tower. It was quite an entertaining scene.

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