A Sunday Reflection and the Legend of Narcissus

Mirror, mirror in the lake,

My Great Blue Heron takes the cake.


When I saw this reflection, I was reminded of the legend of  Narcissus, the son of a Greek river god who was renowned for his good looks. The story goes something like this: He one day caught sight of his reflection in a pool of water, and fell in love with it. Thinking the reflection was a beautiful water spirit, he bent down to kiss it, but every time he touched the water, the reflection disappeared. He kept on trying to capture the reflection, to no avail, and stayed by the pond until sadly, he starved to death.  Just another Greek tragedy.

Happy Sunday everyone.


74 comments on “A Sunday Reflection and the Legend of Narcissus

  1. I have always been fascinated by this narrative. It is a reminder that narcissistic behaviour has been a part of the human experience since the beginning. A warning – anyone can be captured within its prison. Thank you for another excellent post. A joy to stop by…

  2. I like the pairing of Narcissus with this picture – because that blue heron is a beauty and with the reflection it all just fits so well. and I have said it before – but I often leave your blog saying “Florida wildlife rocks…”

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