79 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: ‘Spotted’ outside the new house.

  1. sorry – but you know what i am going to say…
    “Florida has the best wildlife” ha!
    and in this shot – I love the line of the water and the marsh – πŸ™‚

  2. You’re turning into quite the birder now that you’re surrounded by such great specimens! Lovely shot!
    Anxiously awaiting a progress report on the ‘new’ house.

  3. So lovely to be so close to nature. Take a walk. A swim in the lake maybe? I think I’m getting tired of living in a 20 million inhabitants city! 😦

      • Snails AND limpkins πŸ˜‰ And frogs, too, bellowing all over the place, and gators snapping around splashing mud in my face and onto the pet-camera, as well- just fantastic.

        Yes…perhaps it is fun to watch…I do often notice a tidy knot of photographers perched, quite dry and statuesque, on a knoll leering down at me when I finally decide to crawl back to the path, but I always thought it was the limpkin dancing around with drizzly snails in its beak that entertained them so…HUM…

    • My pleasure, Nancy. I have a wonderful ‘Birds of South East Florida’ guide to assist me with identification. πŸ™‚ (I should have consulted it before I mistakenly called the cormorants, ducks, the other day.) 😳

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