A Profusion of Pink for Ed’s Challenge

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge is “Shallow depth of field.” Ed explained how to get this effect, but not being at all technically minded, I just did a bit of trial and error. More error than success. Don’t you just love my gorgeous pink orchid though?


To take part in Ed’s Sunday Stills Challenge, just click on the link.


72 comments on “A Profusion of Pink for Ed’s Challenge

  1. Gorgeous …. you know how I love my orchids. The dendrobium are very, very prolific this year. I have several with multiple bloom … but …. none are pink. : (
    I may have to pick one up at the orchid show in March-2015. Is this one yours, Sylvia? 😎

  2. Hello Lovely πŸ™‚ I think you did it cause your gorgeous pink orchids (which I am so envious about :D) are in focus and the background is blurred. Well done, you!

  3. I have serious problems with the technical end of photography, too. You did well with your attempt. What I want to know is how you manage to keep orchids alive and well given all the traveling you do???

  4. Lovely, Sylvia! I am not technically oriented either. I am looking for a good class in photography where I can pick up all the basics of aperture and ISO. I just point and shoot and sometimes I get lucky.

  5. Beautiful and the DoF of this one is also pleasing. For a given camera and lens, to get very shallow depends on aperture opening (wilder main lower F number) and the distance between camera and the object (the closer the shallower). For camera that is set for full auto or no way to set the aperture, then you need to get closer to object (of course you will be trading off the framing).

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