B&W Sunday: One of the big cats for ‘Beauty in the Beast’

Here’s my entry for Paula’s Black and White Sunday Challenge. This week she suggests the theme, “Beauty in the Beast.”

This gorgeous Cheetah was just a few feet away, as we stopped in our open safari truck to admire her. She looked absolutely magnificent in her natural colours, but I think she looks pretty good in black and white too.


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65 comments on “B&W Sunday: One of the big cats for ‘Beauty in the Beast’

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  2. Absolutely beautiful photo, oh how I would love to go on a safari. I’m working on hubby to take me one for our 10th wedding anniversary, year after next. Plenty of time to save, right? Lovely this Sylvia, just lovely… xx

  3. Cheetah is my favourite big cat. I don’t think I have seen one with a black and white treatment though. I usually associate them with the dust of the desert. Works well because of the strong pattern and facial markings and contrast. Nice one Sylvia 🙂

  4. I like her pattern in Black & White. What fascinates me that she does not seem too bothered with your presence 😀 Beautiful beast and photo 🙂 Thank you for this entry. xx

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